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College Love, Vegeta and Bulma





Bulma was crying. Yamcha cheated on her again! That man didn’t care if he broke her heart into 1000 pieces every week. She had buried her head in her elbows, which were on the desk and she was crying uncontrollably. “Come on, Bulma, you don’t have to cry every time that scum cheats on you!” her blonde haired blue eyed friend Juuhachigou said.


“How ~sob~... How ~sob~... How can he broke my heart so often ~sob~ and he doesn’t even care!” Bulma sobbed in her hands. “Don’t cry, Bulma! That bastard doesn’t deserve you to be in so much pain because of such a stupid piece of scum like him! Come on, it’s only the second week, and you are already so sad. Chill up! The whole day is in front of us!” Juuhachigou said pulling her friends hand.


“And stupid me ~sob~ go always in his hands ~sob~ when he excuses ~sob~! But I can’t help in Juu ~sob~! I love him with my whole ~sob~ heart! I can’t just stay alone ~sob~! A famous girl like me ~sob~ deserves a loyal boyfriend ~sob~, which doesn’t take me as the new number ~sob~!” Bulma said not stopping crying.


“Oh, B-san! I’m not saying anything! I just hate it when you cry, you almost make me broke in tears too!” Juu smiled a bit when she said that. Bulma stopped sobbing and crying and laughed a bit. “You sure know how to make compliments, Juu!” she giggled saying that. “That’s the spirit! And there’s another thing! We’re going to have another schoolmate.” Juuhachigou added.


“How do you know?” Bulma said wiping her tears away. “Duh! Cuz I made him go in our college since he quit the year before from the other he was going in.” Juuhachi explained. “Him?!” Bulma asked. “Yes, him! He is a boy and he has a great body!” Juu added again. “I don’t believe you! If he had a great body and he was a friend of yours, you would never let him get away from you!” Bulma laughed.


“Hahaha, very funny!” Juu made a face. “You know perfect, that I have my eyes on someone else! And he is not my type anyway. You will see!” she added.



“Oh, come on, Vegeta! You have to go to college! Everyone does!” Juu yelled at her friend. “I am not going in that hell again, blondie! After last year I don’t want to live in your stupid Earthling rules! I don’t want to learn! I don’t have to! I’m the Prince of All Saiyans, I DON’T HAVE TO LEARN!” Vegeta yelled at his blond sparing partner and best friend.


“No one bites in school, VEGETA! You will have fun! Come on! Please, do it for me! That’s the only thing I asked you from months!” she plead to him. “Grrr! Fine! I’ll go to your stupid Earth college, but only if you spar every time I want to with me!” he said smirking. “OK, no problem! Now I’m gonna give you some normal clothes I have...” but he cut her off. “No, need, blondie! I have some here! I’ll come today at your stupid school, now leave me alone!” he told her as calmly as he could. “OK, bye Vegeta! Oh, and don’t forget to wrap your tail around your waist, OK!” Juu said walking out of his apartment.



“Oh, and something else!” Juu remembered. “What?” Bulma asked curiously. “He has no girlfriend.” She added smirking evilly. “Now I’m sure you’re ling. It’s impossible that a guy with a great body has no girlfriend!” Bulma said as-a-matter-of-factly. “Oh, of course it’s possible! He doesn’t want any, because every girl likes him only because of his body!” she added with the same tone as Bulma.


“Really? You’re not kiddin me, are you? If you are, I’m gonna rip your head off your shoulders!” Bulma said very excited. “Hey, hey, hey! You even didn’t saw him yet! Wait a little while he comes and then... Speaking of the wolf...” Juu said watching the door open. “OK, Class! We are having a new student today! You can come in now dear!” the nice teacher miss Robinson said to the opened door.


The girls in the class gasped, including Bulma, as they saw the guy who was stepping in the room with a smooth gait. He stood in front of the whole class in a spit-legs-arms-crossed-on-the-chest position. He was with a black sleeveless leather jacket, black muscle shirt with no sleeves too, black tight pants, black wrist length no fingers covering leather gloves and a strange brown belt around his waist. In fact, Bulma didn’t like black very much, but she admitted that it suited him very, very well.


“Class, this is Vegeta. He is a new student in our school, so be kind with him and welcome him well! You can sit right there, Vegeta, the last desk in the bottom.” The teacher said cheerfully. He just grunted in respond and walked with his smoothy gait to his desk. “So, Vege-head, you decided to come after all!” Juu said to the cool looking guy when he passed her.


“Heh! I will never pass a deal like the one we made! What are you staring at, woman?” he said not looking back and mocking Bulma, who looked down at her note book, then he collapsed on his chair not waiting for respond. “Oh, my god! We has really a body to die for! But he is an asshole when he opens his mouth!” she hissed to Juuhachigou, who was staring at him like the most of the girls did. Actually, every girl without boyfriend did.


“Ah, you are absolutely right! He IS really an asshole, but he can be nice if he really wants to be!” and with that the class started.




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