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College Love, Vegeta and Bulma

Chapter 2





“Phew! That was a tiring day! Now, we can go home, finally! Come on, B-san!” Juu said. “Kids, wait just a minute!” the teacher said. “I want to tell you about the camping the school is planning for every class. Who wants to go?” a lot of hands were raised, and a bunch of girls said in unison. “We will go only if Vegeta comes!” they said. “WHAT?!” Vegeta’s answer was.


“Hahahaha! See, Vege-head! I told you everybody would like you!” Juuhachi laughed. “WILL YA SHUT UP FOR A SEC?! THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I’M GOING THERE WITH ANY GIRL!” Vegeta yelled panicked again. “Oh, come on, Vegeta! The girls would be pleased if you go with the on the camping, don’t you girls?” she turned to the girls, which nodded their heads.


“GGRRRR! Fine! But I don’t want anyone rub and getting mushy on me, understand?” he looked at the girls with disgust. Bulma was looking at the whole scene with interest and looking very carefully at Vegeta’s very fast changing expressions. Vegeta felt someone’s look on him, but just when he turned to it, Bulma looked at the other direction.


“Alright! The camp is in two weeks time, so you can ask your parents, and you can prepare your packages. OK, class dismissed. Have a nice day kids!” “Bye, miss Robinson!” the class spoke in respond. “What do the girls find in that Vegeta guy? He has no manners and is always in a bad mood!” a group of boys spoke on their way out and Juu and Bulma heard that too.


“Hey, you can’t talk about Vegeta that way! He could be a cold bastard on the outside, but I’m sure that he could be a good friend in times when you need him, right Juu?” Bulma said angrily at the group then turned to Juuhachigou. She was looking at her slightly amazed, but nodded her head. “See! You don’t even know him and you’re speaking bad about him behind his back! That’s not fair!” Bulma yelled at the boys, cornering them in the nearest corner.


“Then, how do you know that I could be good at times, huh?” a gruff voice came behind her, and she turned around to see Vegeta way too near, from the usual. He was so near, she could feel his hot breath on her cheek. “Because no one could live alone in the entire world, Vegeta!” she whispered, but so that the boys behind her could hear.


She could swear, if it was just impossible, that his brown belt tightened around his waist. “I do not feel stupid weak feelings for anyone, and no one does for me! Understand?!” Vegeta hissed at her between his teeth. She gulped, then he backed off. “Eh, hehehe! We’re going home now, bye!” the boys said getting away quickly.


“What the hell was that? He said that love and care are weak feelings or I got him wrong?” Bulma said finally. “You got him just right! For him, being strong is the only reason for living.” “That’s awful! The poor, poor guy! And I thought that he just wanted to be interesting. And what was that about no one caring and loving him?” Bulma said sadly. “His parents are dead and he has no other friends than me. That’s because he doesn’t want any, and because no one can live with a cold hearted bastard.” Juu answered.


“But you said...” Bulma began. “I know what I said and I meant it. I first met him when my first boyfriend left me for that bitch Marron. Vegeta was first cold and didn’t pay me any attention. But then he tried his best to chill me up. He told me his life story and that showed me that my life was a paradise compared to his.” Juu said narrowing her head remembering what Vegeta told her. “Why?” Bulma asked again.


Then Juuhachi snapped out of her trance. He had told her not to mention anything in front of anyone for his past. “Uh, I can’t tell you B! I’m sorry! But I promised! I can’t tell you!” Juu said. “Please, don’t be mad at me!” she added fast. “You promised Vegeta you won’t tell anyone?!” Bulma asked again. “Yes!” Juuhachi answered. “Well, OK! Don’t tell me! I’ll get it from himself.” Bulma smiled.


“Bulma wait!” a man’s voice came from behind. Bulma recognized it immediately-it was Yamcha’s. “What do you want Yamcha?” she asked with hurt in her voice. “I want to apologize. Please, don’t leave me!” Bulma was ready to forgive him, and she saw with her periphery look that Juuhachi slapped her forehead and murmured “here we go again”. But something stopped her. Her stomach turned upside down, something in her heart said “Don’t do it!”, but the other side of it it told her “Just say yes!”.


 She thought for a minute, them the side which was urging her to say ‘OK’ was agreed with the other, and she heard of her heart. “I can’t Yamcha! I don’t want to get hurt again! I’m sorry! You can find yourself another girl, I’m sure of that! But there is someone, who doesn’t have it so easy as you do!” Bulma’s answer was. “WHAT?!” Juuhachi and Yamcha said in unison.


“Woohoo! Bravo, B!” Juu added. “What?! You can’t just dump me!” Yamcha whined. “You could have thought on that before I saw that Marron in your hands! I’m sorry, Yamcha!” and she ran home. “Bulma, wait!” Juu yelled behind her. “That girl doesn’t know what she wants.” she murmured.


Bulma collapsed on her bed crying. “Oh, I’m so sorry, Yamcha! But you hurt me too much! I don’t want to feel any pain any more.” And with that she cried herself to sleep.



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Chapter 3