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Falling In Love




“Hi, Chi!” Bulma shouted at her friend, as she entered the Study Hall. “Hey, Bulma-chan!” ChiChi said lifting her head from her book. “Good that you’re here! I can’t, I just can’t understand some things in those stupid books.” ChiChi said angrily, causing her friend to laugh. “You always have problems with books, Chi. Well, at least when they’re not magazines.” Bulma added still chuckling.


“Ha ha. Very funny. It’s so funny I even forgot to laugh! Really, B, not everyone are so smart as you. So, are you going to help me, or what?!” ChiChi said to her friend. “Can’t Chi! Miss Horie is looking at me. It’s not so difficult. You will get it alone. I’m sure in that.” Bulma said and opened her magazine, since she knew everything, and didn’t need to study.


ChiChi said nothing, but murmured something under her breath about damn Einsteins and fuckin’ school. After the class, she and ChiChi made their way to their lockers. “So, how is it between you and Yamcha?” ChiChi said and frowned. She didn’t like Yamcha at all, but her friend was so blinded she didn’t see him flirting with other girls. She wanted so much to rip his spine through his mouth out, but Bulma would kill her if she did do that. 


“Well, umm, today he canceled his date with me, because he had some urgent job to do.” Bulma said very sad. ChiChi frowned even deeper if that was possible. She knew perfectly what his urgent job was. Probably ling with some whore from school, that selled her body to him.


“But he said that he would make it up to me. We’re going out tomorrow! And tomorrow is Saturday, so I get a little more time to spend with him.” Bulma practically jumped around in excitement. ‘Oh, god! She’s such a fool. The poor girl! He’s going to break her heart.’ ChiChi frowned even deeper. “What is it Chi? You don’t seem very happy for me.” Bulma said sadly.


“Bulma, you know that I hate Yamcha, and I have my reasons, but if going out with him makes you happy, Ok with me. But you have to know from me that you’re going to be sorry for this.” ChiChi shook her head in disproval. “Hey girls!” 18 said running towards them dragging Kurilin by the sleeve. “Hey, 18!” Bulma and ChiChi said in unison.


Then behind the corner Goku and Yamcha came into view. “Hey, Goku! YAMCHA!” Bulma yelled and hugged her boyfriend. “Heh, hi babe!” Yamcha said. “Goku!” ChiChi hugged Goku like in iron belt. His eyes got wide. “Chi, you sure you don’t want to kill me?!” Goku chuckled. ChiChi then came to herself and let go of him.


“Hey, Goku, where’s Vegeta?” 18 asked. “Oh, he said that he has work to do!” Goku answered. “Ha, work. I bet that jerk just doesn’t want to see Bulma.” ChiChi laughed sarcastically. “But why did you two got so far apart? You used to be such great friends ever since he moved to the town.” Goku scratched his head. “I don’t know. I just don’t know. But I... Oh, well, how was your day Yamcha?” she changed the subject.


“I was great, babe. And I missed you very much!” he said putting a hand on her waist, pulling her closer to him, causing her to giggle a bit. “Then why did you canceled your date with her if you love her so much, huh?” ChiChi asked suspiciously. “I told her I had some work. I had to help my father fix my car, that’s all.” he said defensively. “I believe you Yamcha.” Bulma said grinning. Then the school bell rang.


“Uh, gotta go! See you latter. Have to go in history, bye!” Bulma waved her hand to her friends. “Ok, B! Just meet us after that in the hall, OK?” 18 yelled to her friend. “OK! Bye.” Bulma ran down the hall. “Now I have History. Great, just great. Another class to sleep in!” she entered the class room. She saw Vegeta in one of the cornerdesks in the bottom, leaning in his chin.


“Hi, Vegeta!” she greeted cheerfully, not expecting the answer she got. “Leave me alone, bitch!” Vegeta barked at her. Bulma was mad. “And like you are way better than me, you asshole!” she showed her tongue at him. He just hmphed and turned his head to another direction. “Miss Briefs! Mister Ouji! Shut this instant up, before I tell your parents you’re distracting my class!” the teacher, miss Taro yelled at Bulma and Vegeta.


“Sorry, miss!” Bulma said narrowing her head with embarrassment, when Vegeta just humphed again. “Now lets begin.” and that was the spot Bulma began daydreaming about her and Yamcha and asking herself what happened between her and Vegeta.


After the class, Bulma flew practically out of the room to the hall. 18, Kurilin, ChiChi, Yamcha, Goku and another two little boys twins, that were looking just like Vegeta were at their feet. “Hey, B-chan! Where’s Vegeta? I thought you had history with him.” Goku said. “Yeah, I did. But he began insulting me, and I just got out of the room alone.” Bulma shrugged hugging her boyfriend.


“I don’t see brother! Do you?!” one of the boys said to the other. “Me neither. Should we wait for him to walk home together, or we go home alone?” the other asked. “Hey, ya kiddos.” Kurilin said finally noticing the kids. They gave him the death glare just like their brother did every time. “Hey! Who are you two cuties?” Bulma asked sweetly.


“I’m Bejiita (heh heh ^-^! For those of you dumb oh’s Bejiita is Vegeta’s Japanese name! Now it is one of his brothers name.)” the first one said proudly. “and I’m Jita!” the other answered her. “And you must be Bulma!” they said completely in unison. “H-Ho-How did you know?! I never saw you two before!” Bulma said shocked.


“Well, ‘Geta talked a lot about you back there when we were home.” Jita said. ”Yeah, but we haven’t seen him, about since 5 years!” Bejiita added. “Oh, now I remember you two! You are his little brothers, which he considered as little him devils.” Bulma giggled at the memory. “He did?!” Jita said excited. “He didn’t forget us?!” Bejiita added.


“Of course I didn’t you  two!” a gruff voice came from behind them. “Vegeta!” the two boys jumped on their big brother knocking him down. Everyone else were just looking at the sweet picture. “OK, OK, cut that out! How did you get back here?!” Vegeta asked the two 11 year old boys in his lap.


“Mom decided that we’re going to learn here, since we’re going to be 5-th grade!” Jita said. “Yeah?!” Vegeta was amazed. “I thought mother wanted you to learn in a ‘Better school, than that stupid college building”?” he added. “She did!” Bejiita answered. “But she changed her mind! She thought, that she missed us, so here we are!” Jita added (how you see Jita I like most! And you know why?! Me neither! Just like how ‘Jita’ sounds! ^-^)


“Fine then lets go home!” Vegeta said standing up, carring both his brothers on his shoulders. The others gasped. They knew Vegeta was a bully, but they never knew he is so strong to lift two 5-th graders. “See you trained!” Jita said, chuckling. “Wanna spar?!” Bejiita added. “What’s with you two and completing the other’s sentence?!” Vegeta chuckled too. “Fine with me!” he answered.


“Bye, Ve... ge... ta... Uhh, such a bastard!” Bulma was mad once again. “Leave him alone, B. he saw his little brothers and he sees you everyday!” 18 said to her friend as they took off home.


“Vegeta, is that hot chick back there Bulma?!” Bejiita asked his big brother. “Hot chick?! Are you nuts or something?! There is nothing hot in the traitor!” he answered. “Why a traitor?! And you have to be blind to say that she’s not hot!” Jita added.


“Ok, lets just say I have something to hate her for, ok?!” Vegeta said to his brothers with defeat. “Ok, you’ll tell us later. And you can let us go now! We can walk by our selves!” Jita chuckled.





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