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High School Love




Bulma was new at town. She was sick of fake friends, which were friends with her just because of her money and fame. She had moved out of town, signed in another high school three years ago and had colored that day her hair from lavender to black. She had done that and now she had many and real friends. She tried to be herself. She still wore her little skirts, but something was different. Still, she loved her friends, and so did they.


One day, everyone heard, that three new guys are going to their school: 2 boys and a girl. “Hey, girls.” one of the girls said. “What?” Bulma asked. “I heard from one of the boys, that new students are coming.” Lena answered. “Really?” Bulma asked. “Yeah. But only the girl will be in our class.” Lena sighed. “Hey, if they come together, maybe they know each other. We can ask her to introduce them to us.” Bulma stated. “B, that was the smartest idea you ever gave!” Kai said. “Yeah?!” Bulma asked happily. “Yeah!” Vic said.


“Arhmm!” someone cleared his throat. Everyone’s talks stopped and they turned to the person, that wanted their attention. It was their math teacher. “Children, I want to introduce you to ChiChi Mau. She is a perfect student and I want you to be nice with her. Now, ChiChi, find yourself a seat, so we can begin.” the math teacher said. ChiChi scanned the whole room with her raven black eyes and went off towards Bulma, behind Lena and Kai(girl!) “Hey!” she said as she sat beside Bulma. “Hey, nice to meet you! I’m Bulma!” Bulma said.


“LIKE BULMA BRIEFS?!?!?!?!” ChiChi yelled. Everyone turned to them. “Hey, I never thought it like that! I never saw Bulma Briefs in those 3 years you’re in here.” a boy in the right of Bulma said. “No, no, no! you got me wrong. I’m not Bulma Briefs. I’m Bulma Keys. KK?! And you are ChiChi Mau?” Bulma escaped the situation. “Oh, OK. Yeah.” “I’m Lena Chiba.” “I’m Kaitana  Aiko. But everyone calls me Kai!” Kai said happily.


“Hey, B.” the boy in the right said. “Promise me you will tell me the answers if they ask me.” he asked with puppy dog eyes. “Ok, Dar! I’m gonna tell you if you need me.” “Who was that?” ChiChi asked Bulma. “Oh, that’s Dar. Darien Haru.” Bulma answered. “Ah huh.” ChiChi nodded. Through the whole class Bulma told everything to Darien. “And don’t forget your homework!” the teacher yelled as the bell rang. Darien went off without another word, as did a lot of the boys.


“Hey, B. How long now did that guy, Darien, want your help?” ChiChi asked as she looked at Lena with a glint in her eyes. “Well, um, I think since he’s here. That’s just 2 years ago.” Bulma shrugged. “Uh huh. Did you noticed he looks at you the whole time?” ChiChi asked with a playful tone. “What?” Bulma yelled. “Yeah! I told her the same last year, but she never listened to me.” Lena said. “What, what?!” Vic asked, butting in the conversation. (Hey, peeps, there will be B/V! Wait a sec!) “Who are you?” ChiChi asked. “Victoria Angel.” Vic held out her hand to ChiChi. “ChiChi Mau.” ChiChi said as she shook her hand.

”I told B about Darien.” ChiChi said proud of herself. “But he CAN’T actually like me! No one does in that kind of like! I’m just a friend to every boy in the school, which helps them when they need me, that’s all.” Bulma said defensively. “B, I don’t say YOU like HIM! I’m saying HE likes YOU!” ChiChi laughed. “Grrrr! Fine.” Bulma spun around. ChiChi sighed. “I just want one of my friends to fall in love too. He was depressed his whole life. Thought, I don’t know why. He never says anything even to his best friend, but I know something happened.” ChiChi said.

(I know, I know! I know some of you hate me to skip around, but.... DO YOU WANT B/V OR NOT?!?!?!) After school......


“Hey, did you heard about the new guys? One of them, didn’t heard his name....” Darien began, but ChiChi butted in. “His name is Vegeta.” She informed. “Huh?” Darien asked. “His name is Vegeta. And the other, my boyfriend, is Goku.” ChiChi repeated. “So you have a boy friend?” Lena asked. “Yeah. Goku is a..... well, he’s kinda stupid, but he’s so sweet and caring and I just love him.” she grinned. “Whoa. So you found the love of your life?!” Kai asked.


“Yes.” ChiChi answered. “Ok guys, gotta go! My mother waits for me! Bye!” she said as she exited the room. “Bye, Cheech!” Lena and Bulma said. ChiChi waved her hand at them. “So, that guy, Vegeta, he’s already here from what, five hours and he’s the coolest guy in the school. But he IS really cool.” Darien said, as he packed his rucksack. “Yeah?” Kai asked. “Then I wanna see him.” Bulma giggled.

”He was all around the school today, except our floor. He’s gonna visit our class room tomorrow. I can’t wait to let you see him. All girls are mad about him, but he doesn’t seem to care. He’s in a dark mood all the time, that’s why he’s so cool.” Darien said as he exited. “See ya tomorrow, BYE!” he yelled as he went off. “Lets go girls.” and our company, Bulma, Lena, Kai and Vic went off to their home, but at the main entrance(and exit!) they saw in back two boys that were talking.


“COME ON KAKAROT! Your harpy is gonna kill us if we go there late.” one of them said. He had really nice body and had flamed black spiky hair. “Now, that wasn’t nice to say about ChiChi.” the other said. He was also well built, but was taller. Then they disappeared. “Those two boys had definitely some cute tight butts.” Bulma giggled. “Yeah.” Kai admitted. “OK, girls, see ya tomorrow.” Lena said. “OK! Bye.” everyone said and went off to their homes.





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