Summer Luvin'

AN: Firstly, I'm British so I'm gonna use different slang to what you're probably used to reading - sorry. By the way, we call the morning thing at school form period. I don't know what it is you call it in America - it's homeroom, right? Anyway, form is homeroom.
Secondly, I always spell Veggie's daddy as Vejita. Is that alright? Sos 4 any confusion.
Enjoy! ~ Jemma the English Lunatic.


Chapter 1

"NO!" Vegeta screamed. "YOU CAN'T MAKE ME!!!"

"On the contrary, yes I can." Stated the elder Vejita. "You are going to an Earth College and that is it!"

"WHY!?" Vegeta's voice was becoming increasingly more high-pitched (or as high-pitched as it can get anyway).

The king sighed softly. "Because, if you're gonna be king you have to have a larger volcabulary than just plain 'sod off you weakling baka'."

Vegeta turned up his nose. "I say more than that!"

Vejita looked at the sheet of paper in his hand. "Well, you won't be alone: your cousin is going. He wanted to go with you. Virdanai is also going. You can guess why."

Virdinai was Vegeta's intended - despite Vegeta's protests. She was very keen on him.

At that moment, Vegeta's cousin, Kakorrot entered the throne room. "Hey! Cus! Innit great? We get to go to Earth College together!"

"Sod off you weakli-" Vegeta covered his mouth as the words sprung out automatically.

"Um, uncle Vejita?" Kakorrot asked.

"What, Kakorrot?"

"If you think sending him to Earth is gonna get rid of that famous reply of his, you're wrong."

"Why??" Vejita raised an eyebrow.

Kakorrot made sure he had a clear exit to run from Vegeta. "Because V-man has that phrase programmed into his brain."

And the everlasting tradition of Vegeta throwing ki blasts at Kakorrot continues...


Chi-chi banged her locker door. It squeaked in protest and flew off it's hinges. "Oh shit."

"Another day, another broken locker, hey Chi?" Bulma helped her pick up the school books as she turned around  the corner. "Any more of this and the board won't let you have one anymore."

"Dumb, weak ass lockers." Chi-chi groaned.

Bulma raised an eyebrow. "Chi-chi, they could be titanium coated steel and still wouldn't stand a chance vs. you."

"And what with them new Saijans coming today, there won't be a locker left!" Chi-chi giggled as she replaced the unhinged locker.

"I heard they're sending the prince here." Bulma winked. "Right asshole, apparently."

"You never know," Chi-chi replied, "he could be very nice."

Bulma snorted. "No, my contacts are very reliable. But I have been told that he is very handsome."

"It'll be breaking a few hearts when we tell all those sluts he's engaged!"

"Yeah, I heard his bird's a bitch 'n all." Bulma scoffed. "Anyway, what sluts?"

"Well," Chi-chi grinned, "first of all there's us-"

"Agh!" Bulma giggled and whacked Chi-chi on the arm. "You're the only slut here!"

"Am not!"

"Are too."

"Am not."

They continued like this until they got to their form, room B20.

"Man." Bulma groaned as she peered about the room. "This place is always way too neat."

"Doesn't matter." Chi-chi dumped her bag next to her desk. "Normal people are on their summer vacatoins right now." She complained. "But WE had to special. WE had to come to Tachiharo College for the 'advanced'."

"Advanced meaning insane idiots who'll give up their summer holidays." Bulma said wistfully.

"Insane idiots meaning us." Chi-chi sighed.

The form room begn to fill up with students, only 70% of whom were human.

"Yo, babe." Yamcha, a scar faced young American guy who was perfectly attractive in his own right, seated himself right on the edge of Bulma's desk. "How ya doin'?"

"Great, until you showed up." Bulma's face was set grim. Then she cracked and grinned at Yamcha. "How are you, man?"

"I'm fine - even better now that I see my beautiful flower of a woman before me-"

"Yamcha." Bulma shoved him off the desk and smirked as he landed hard on his ass. "I'm your friend, not your girlfriend."

"Not yet." He winked and leant forward. He smelt of minty breath and expensive colone. But Bulma was unmoved.

"Sorry luverboy." She pushed him away with the tip of her finger pressed on his forhead. "Save it for some whore."

"Huh!" Yamcha snapped playfully. "Who do you think I am!?"

Bulma thought about it. "You're a close friend of mine who's really into sluts."

"Does that make you a slut?" Yamcha whispered, trying to get close again.

"No," Bulma was aware of several jealous stares, "that makes me unfortunate."


Vegeta and Kakorrot stood in their living quaters, a tiny flat made up of two miniscule bedrooms filled with a large single bed and dresser each, one den and a bathroom, completed by a kitchen that only had one wall.

"You must be kidding me." Vegeta stared at the black bundle in his arms.

"No, why would I do that?" Asked Kakorrot. "We have to wear uniform."

Vegeta grumbled as he skulked into the bathroom and changed. He came out in a black blazer with weird Japanese fasteners, black pressed trousers and a black and green tie.

Kakarrot snickered.

"Fuck you, Kakorrot." He snarled.

"Don't worry, you look pretty damn good in that thing anyhow." He assured him.

"Do I hellaslike." Vegeta muttered. "Why wasn't I told about any of this shit?"


"Hey!" The door to rm B20 opened and Principal Freiza (better known as Principal Pervert or gay assed faerie) entered with his assistant, Vice-Principal Dodoria. "Students!"

Yamcha was still perched on Bulma's desk, throwing every chat-up line he could at her. Chi-chi was leaning back on her chair, reading. Their teacher, the young and attractive Ms Stanton, was waiting for them to settle down. Other girls were discussing what each one thought the Prince would look like. The guys - well, they were being guys (i.e,pigs/perverts/idiots). But they all dropped what they were doing and stood up, as was the college rule.

"Better." Freiza droned, staring freely at the busts of several young women - including the poor teacher. "Now, I'd like you to welcome to your form our new students. They will be with us for the remainder of the course. In other words, they're here to stay."

"Stupid baka father..." Muttered a voice from the corridor.

"Now, remember brats," he pleaded in a whisper "one of them is royalty, the other will be soon and the last one's his cousin . So mess this up and  you'll have detention for the rest of the semester."

"We heard that." Said the same gruff voice from outside.

A ripple of laughter spread over the room but was gone as soon as it came.

"Right, uh, of course - that bloody saijan hearing." Freiza stood as tall as his body would allow. "Now, go to your seats!"

Freiza and Dodoria left in a hurry, leaving Ms Stanton to introduce the new students.

"Oookaaay!" She smiled sweetly, gesturing for them to enter.

"Hi!" The first guy was tall with dark black hair that stuck out wildly. His chest and shoulders were broad and his eyes were bright and pleasant. "How's it going?"

"Is that the prince? He sure is cute!!!" Whispered someone 'who's name will not be mentioned' a little too loudly from the back (::points a finger at the girl and screams 'HER NAME IS CARLY':: ) .

"No, he's not." A giantess of a girl with Raven black hair, peircing eyes and daring curves followed. Her voice held a tone of annoyance. The trimmed skirt of the Tachiharo uniform clung to her hips and thighs while the blouse and top accented her plentiful bosom. There were jealous female glares, perverted male gazes, nothing out of the ordinary except the stunning girl. "His name is Kakorrot-"

"Call me Goku!" He interrupted. "That's my middle name and it's easier to spell..."

"Uh, lovely Kakorrot." She groaned. "And I'm Virdinai. This," she stepped aside, "is the prince Vegeta."

Vegeta strode through. He glared at the carpet, as if his being there was it's fault, and leant on the wall.

Many of the girls gasped. Despite the fact he was pretty short for a human, let alone a saijan, every part of his body was perfect. His intense, onix eyes glowered from beneath lowered brows, set in a face that was dark and forbidding. Mysterious and irresistable. His body was powerful looking and well-built with tanned skin and muscular limbs. The black uniform suited him very well indeed.

"O.K." Ms Stanton smiled. "Please, take a seat."

Vegeta automatically chose a desk in the back corner. Vridinai took the one conveniantly next to it. 'Kakkorrot' sat directly behind Chi-chi.

"Mr Yamcha, could you please sit down?" Ms Stanton was used to Yamcha. "Then we can get registration over with."

"Sure Ms Stanton." He winked at her and she shook her head, amused.

~God. Guess he's running out of girls so now he's gonna start on the teachers.~ She thought.

Yamcha turned around to find that his seat had been taken by the flame haired prince.

"Yo, dude." He called threateningly. "That's my seat, man. Could ya move?"

"Let me think..." Vegeta looked around, ""

Some girls who had been staring at him started to laugh.

"Why?" Yamcha asked calmly.

"Because now it's my seat and if you want it, you're gonna have to fight for it." He replied, sounding bored.

"Is that a challenge?" Yamcha retorted.

"No, more of a garantee." Vegeta smirked and the class caught their first real glimpse of his teeth - toothpaste ad smile, despite being rather more menacing.

"A garantee?" Yamcha felt himself losing his cool. "For what?"

"A garantee that if you try to talk to me one more time you're gonna need plastic surgery." Vegeta smirked again. "Then again, it wouldn't hurt if you had the operation now."

More giggles.

"Yamcha?" Ms Stanton called. "Is there a problem?"

"Of course not, Miss!" He strode to the only remaining seat right next to the teacher's desk and sat down, resentfully.

"Aw, poor Yamcha has to sit next to me." Cooed Ms Stanton, making everyone laugh. "Is Yamchy gonna cwy?"

"Damn woman." Vegeta muttered in Kakkorrot's direction. "Is this a form or a playgroup?"

"Vegeta, Goku, do you have something to say?" Ms Stanton demanded.

"Maybe." Vegeta cocked his eyebrow cheekily.

"Could you tell the whole class?"

"No."Vegeta said as Kakkorrot said "Yes.".


Kakkorrot half smiled. "Vegeta was just commenting about our accomodation. I'm assuming mine used to be a cupboard, right?"

There were giggles from the other kids. Fortunately, Ms Stanton was leniant.

"Yamcha's already dubbed himself class idiot," she smiled, "I hope we don't have another."

"No ma'am." Kakkorrot grinned good-naturedly. "My Dad'd kill me."

"I can imagine." She ran her finger down the list on her 'regicom' and selected the right class.

"Shit, man." Kakkorrot hissed. "I'm lucky she's not an old bag. I could be in real trouble."

"You can tell she's soft." Vegeta replied, distastefully. "They're no fun to wind up when they're like that."

"...Bulma Breifs? Is she in?"

"Yes, Miss, I am." Bulma answered.

Vegeta's eyes snapped towards the sound and were immediately entranced. Although his head had barely moved an inch, his eyes were focused on Bulma. She was pretty, her aqua hair shining like the ocean, with deep blue eyes that he could drown in and a smile that portrayed not only her innocence, but her perfect teeth. The colour that came to her naturally pale skin when she laughed was girlish and cute but the sound of her voice gave her a womanly touch. Vegeta leaned back on his chair to get a better look --


--The legs slipped from under him and he crashed his head on the floor.

"FUCK!!" Vegeta yelled on the way down.

There was a roar of laughter and Vegeta mentally vowed to destroy each and every one of them.

"Hey, you alright?"

Vegeta saw the blue haired girl, hovering above him.


He sat up. "I'm fine, woman." He growled through gritted teeth.

She offered him a helping hand, despite his rudness.

"I don't need help." Vegeta brushed hand away and added quietly, just to her: "Especially not from some human."

"Man, you are the most arrogant, uncooperative jerk, do you know that?" She hissed back.

He laughed out loud.

"Huh!" Bulma crossed her arms and strutted off to her seat to tell Chi-chi about the conceited 'Prince'. "By the way. The name is BULMA! Not 'woman'. I didn't realise you were a primate, would you like me to help you spell it?"

"No need." Vegeta closed his eyes, as if he were thinking very hard. "Um... is it... B-I-T-C-H?"

"Shut up!"

Vegeta smirked. "Yeah, that sounds about right."

A glare from Bulma silenced the laughter.

"Ooo, he's soooo cold!" Whispered one girl to her friend as Vegeta sat down. "Like Mr Darcy from Pride and Predjudice - ding dong!"

"Uh-huh! I hope he's in some of my classes..."

"Why? You'll never get any work done..."

The whisperers went on like this, unaware that Vegeta could hear every word.

~Dumb humans. I guess I'm just irresistable to them. Maybe I'll should laid a few times while I'm here. May as well have some fun - till I get expelled anyway. It's only a matter of time...~

Vegeta started to laugh quietly.

"Something funny?" Bulma growled, noticing it. "Or are you just laughing at yourself? If you are I can see why."

The room went silent --conflict!--.

"No, I just couldn't help listening to all the conversations around me." Vegeta looked at the girls who had been alking about him earlier. "That includes you two."

They blushed furiously, embarassed.

"No, I'm flattered, really." Vegeta smirked - it was a charming, sexy gesture.

Their poor classmates didn't know who to root for. It was tied between crushes for the contenders and jealousy towards the same.

Fortunately, Miss Stanton intervened.

"C'mon, there's no need to fight." She said. "Especially when Bulma is gonna be your guide-"

"NANI!" They screamed.

"She's the only one in all your classes!" Miss Stanton argued. "You haven't got much choice, really."

"You're kidding me!?" Vegeta stood up, slamming his hands down on the table. "EVERY CLASS???"

"Every class." Miss Stanton cringed. ~This is going to be one interesting term.~


Chapter 2