Summer Luvin'

AN: Firstly, I'm British so I'm gonna use different slang to what you're probably used to reading - sorry. By the way, we call the morning thing at school form period. I don't know what it is you call it in America - it's homeroom, right? Anyway, form is homeroom.
Secondly, I always spell Veggie's daddy as Vejita. Is that alright? Sos 4 any confusion.
Enjoy! ~ Jemma the English Lunatic.


Chapter 2


"Yep. Sorry." ~This is gonna be one interesting term...~ Thought Miss Stanton.

"NO!!" Screamed Bulma, doing the same as Vegeta. "CAN'T HE CHANGE HIS SUBJECTS????"

"No, my baka father selected them." Vegeta muttered.

Bulma sank into her seat, feeling very sorry for herself.

"He's not that bad." Kakkorrot said, defending his cousin.

"Oh yes he is." Bulma muttered.

"You've only known him for 15 minutes." Chi-chi whispered. "Just try to work on the guy, maybe he'll turn out O.K?"

"Chi-chi, you're way too optimistic." Bulma snapped.

"I'll bet you 50 yen that you'll end up liking him."

"50?" Bulma looked at the unhappy prince and back at her friend. "Deal."


"I can' t believe this." Vegeta muttered. The bell had gone and he was being led to his lesson by a less-than-willing Bulma.

"Shut up, monkey boy." She moaned.


"Uhrrr, no." Bulma smirked. "You may have forgotten but I am not a Saijan and this is not Veggitsai."

Vegeta grunted. Bulma stopped outside a white door marked Biology 1.4.

"This is it."

Vegeta humphed and pushed past her.

"Class!" Yelled a balled headed man of about 50. "SHUT THE HELL UP!!!"

The noise was abruptly stopped and Bulma led Vegeta over to a seat on the far left. A friend of her's was waiting there.

"Yo, Bulma." Krillin whispered. "Who's the grump?"

Vegeta thumped his bag to floor and sat in the offered chair.

"'Prince' Vegeta." She whispered fervently. "Complete asshole. Can't even say please and thank you."

"I can hear you." Vegeta smirked. "Please-thank-you."

Bulma blushed and glowered. "He's the only person I know who spells my name as B I T-"

"Bulma, Shut yer trap!" The teacher said.

"Yes, sir..." She muttered.

Vegeta sniggered.

"And you are...?" The teacher said, scowling.

"Busted." Whispered Bulma.

"Vegeta, I transferred here today." Vegeta scowled right back.

"Ah, the Saijan no ouji. I'm Mr Brett." He wiped his brow. "I've been warned about you. No funny bussiness in this classroom, got it?"

"Of course not, Mr Pratt." Vegeta smiled like an innocent little child (except that 'innocent little child smiles' don't give the little child nightmares the way Vegeta's do).

"Mr BRETT." He hissed.

"Oh, ever so sorry." Vegeta replied.

"You will be..." He grumbled.

There some sniggers from other students, but most had the sense to keep their mouths shut.

"Right. Seeing as we all seem to be getting chummy, how about we start this semester's course?" Mr Brett threatened. "Unit one, detailed cell structure."

There were groans all over the class.


"Well, that was boring." Vegeta muttered as he and Bulma walked out of their third class and continued down the corridor.

"For once, I agree." Bulma agreed. She waved Chi-chi over from the other side of the corridor. "A complete and utter waste of time. I'm glad it's break now."

"I dunno." Kakkorrot considered, following them out. "It was kinda interesting to me."

"Therefore revealing the limits of your mental capacity." Vegeta sneered.

"But normally intelligent shit bores me!" Kakkorrot argued. "It proves I'm getting smarter!"

Vegeta smirked. "Kakkorrot, we have just planned an essay on 'what happened to the Spice Girls?' and you found it interesting? All that proves is that you intelectually challenged and that our teacher is a ponce."

Chi-chi laughed out loud. Bulma, despite her dislike of the Prince, couldn't help but smile. "Arrogant baka." She pushed him and he looked at her strangely.

"What was that for?" He said.

"What, this?" She pushed him again, harder this time and he banged into Kakkorrot.

"Yeah, that!" He muttered, irritated.

"It's just something we do. You aren't meant to think about it." She replied.

"Hmph." Vegeta looked away from her, becoming himself again. "Whatever. On my planet that would've been considered a challenge and you would be begging for mercy by now."

"Ooo!" Chi-chi uttered, scornfully. "We're scared already!"

Goku frowned at them. "Hey, if Vegeta challenged me I'd be shitting myself, for sure!"

"Ah, so we are in the presence of a warrior!" Bulma jested.

"Yes, you are" Vegeta scowled "and you'd better remember that."

"Frightening!" Chi-chi started to sing, which made Bulma laugh. "Who's afraid of the big bad prince? The big bad prince? The big bad prince? Who's afraid of the-"

"Cut that out!" Vegeta yelled. Chi-chi clammed up, still laughing pretty hard.

"You're such a drag, Vegeta, y'know that?" Bulma whined.

"Drag?" He gave her another funny look and she sighed, exasperated.

"I'll tell you later, dumbass." She shook her head.

"...Dumbass?" Vegeta rubbed his forehead.

"Don't start." Bulma swore under her breath. "Great, now I have to teach him Earth slang as well."


"Man, these goddamn Earth women are just completely clueless." Vegeta groaned to himself. He had just escaped another one of his admirers. He smirked, she looked as if she was going to cry.

"Who's that girl?" Kakkorrot asked, catching up with him.

"Which one?" Vegeta grinned. "There are several."

"The one that's about to cry?" Kakkorrot said plainly.

"Oh." He looked over his shoulder at Kakkorrot. "Someone who call's herself Britney. Proper sissy, Cheerleader type. I told her to go play with her pom-poms."

"That was mean!" Kakkorrot cried, horrified.


Vegeta and Kakkorrot went their seperate ways, each with their own different guide and classes. Vegeta found his way to the room marked MUSIC, rm 152.

~MUSIC?~ Vegeta thought. ~What is that old man trying to do to me?!~

"Vegeta!" Bulma gestured to him wearily. She was not in the mood. "Get your ass over here!"

"My ass is fine where it is." He stated.

"Yes, I see it's had some admirers." She replied distastefully.

"Like who? You?" He teased.

"Don't be stupid!" Bulma blushed. "I was talking about your growing fan club, asshole."

"Fanclub? Moi?" Vegeta batted his eyelids sweetly and Bulma had to force down down a giggle.

~I will not let this guy get to me. Not matter what he does I WILL NOT LAUGH!~

"You're just acting as if you don't know what I'm talking about." She seethed. "Everthing you said in the past 40 seconds ended with a question mark."

"Question marks? Whatever are you talking about?" Vegeta moved towards the desk she was sitting at, for some strange reason, highly aware of his ass.

Bulma sneered. All female eyes were trained on Vegeta.

"Hello!" A voice followed by a shortish, slim woman with grey eyes and black, bobbed hair entered where Vegeta had been stood before. "Is everyone present and accounted for?"

"No, I'm off sick." Said a joker from the back.

"Very funny, Oolong." She said, smiling.

"Jesus," whispered Vegeta, "do all the woman teachers in this college smile like this?"

"Mostly." Bulma answered.

"O.K!" She set her bag on the floor and her books on the desk. "Who's ready to make some music?"

Someone farted. Oolong.

"Well, I guess that's kind of like music." Vegeta remarked.

The people who were trying not to laugh at Oolong started to chuckle, Bulma included.

"Great." The teacher said disheartendly. "I take it you're the saijan no ouji?"

"How d'ya guess?" Vegeta leaned back on his chair, obviously a main characteristic of his.

"The head told us to watch out for you." She said warily. "Apparently you've been described as a bit of a handful. I'm Mrs Halliwell and I'll your Music teacher, hopefully I didn't need to tell you that."

"I'm Vegeta." He cocked an eyebrow. "And I'll be a real handful, till I'm expelled, of course."

"And how will you managed to get expelled?" She felt that it would be a strangely amusing term with this boy in her class.

"The teachers live on campus during the week, right?" He asked.

"Some..." the penny dropped, "... including me."

"Well, you'll find out soon enough."

There was a tiny murmur of laughter and a few mutterings.

"Oh dear." Mrs Halliwell said. "Right, we're just gonna dive staright into the course. What instrument do you play, Mr Vegeta?"

"Um... is that a rhetorical question?" He grinned.

Mrs Halliwell sighed and opened her regicom. "It says here that you play guitar."

"Guitar? What's one of those?" He shrugged and ended his little game. "Yeah, I play. I'm still waiting for mine to come, though. The servants couldn't fit it in the cargo ship."

"Well, we have a spare." She said as sweetly as possible.


After the register, Vegeta was forced to sit and play to the class on a basic acoustic which Mrs Halliwell sent for. She used the reasoning that they needed to know the skill of Vegeta's ability before he could have an assignment.

He finished and his performance was nothing short of Eva Cassidy and crew.

"Great. Is the lesson over yet?" He whined, playfully.

"Oh man." Mrs Halliwell shook her head. "You really are a handful."

"Wouldn't be anything less." He flashed his scary-toothpaste-ad smile that charmed girls and frightened children to prove his point.


"Finally." Vegeta sighed as the last bell went. He and Bulma left the room in a hurry (English literature, who wouldn't?). "Hey, those servants should've gotten Sueng-la down by now." He pondered.

"Sueng-la?" Bulma queried. "That's a girl's name."

"What, jealous?" He muttered.

"Me!? No!?" She retorted. "Of COURSE I'm not. Why would I be?"

"Well, you should be." He said. "Follow me."

She did, reluctantly. He made his way towards the storage building (after Bulma helped him find his way out of the massive main area) and entered through the pick-up door.

"Wait." He ordered. She waited outside for some time. She was just about to leave when there was a revving noise. The gates opened up and Vegeta came shooting out, atop a mighty looking beast of a motorbike. It had all the latest stuff added to it, although it seemed to be a 20th century bike except where it's wheel should've been, it had anti-gravity generators - very enviromentally friendly.

"Not bad," she said, "for an antique."

Vegeta smirked. "This is Sueng-li. She's near the top of my prized possesions, along with my guitar."

"Oh yeah?" Bulma laughed. "You're like some kind of rock punk from the 1990's."

"Hey!" Vegeta cried. "Don't diss the six-string!"

"Where is it, anyhow?" Bulma stretched her arms.

"I sent one of dad's servants to drop it off in my room." He said. "I'm going down to see if there's anything interesing on this godforsaken planet that I can eat."

"I know some good places." Bulma suggested. "But I'm not your guide outside of school!" She turned to go back on campus.

Vegeta considered for a second. "Yo, bitch." He yelled.

"BULMA!!!" She screamed.

"Whatever." He shrugged. "Get on the bike, I'll buy you lunch."

"Why?" She answered puzzled.

He shrugged. "I don't know where the good eating is, so I still need you as a guide, got it?"

"Deal, as long as you're buying."


Virdinai Watched anxiously as Bulma and Vegeta rode off on the chopper. She had a good vantage point from above the school.

~This is not good.~ She scowled. ~He is mine!~


"So," said Bulma wiping tomato sauce from the corner of her mouth, "what's the deal with you being on Earth."

"Your manners are disgraceful!" He said with his mouth full of pizza. He swallowed. "How can you live with yourself?"

Bulma laughed. "Idiot, that wasn't the question. Besides, you're worse."

"I'm on Earth because my dad can't handle me. Apparently Principle Freiza sent him a letter reccomending his college." Vegeta sighed. "Damn cross-dressing lizard."

"Aww, you'll like the school eventually." Bulma said. "Trust me."

"Do I have a choice?" He muttered.


After they finished the pizzas, Bulma suggested that they go to the beach so she could show him around.

"C'mon! It'll be fun." She urged. "You'll like it!"

"Fine." Vegeta grunted and hopped on the bike, or Sueng-Li, as he called it.

Bulma clambered up beside him as he revved and sped off towards the coast. It was only 2 and a half minutes to get there the way Vegeta drove.

"You trying to get me killed?!" Bulma screeched, leaping nimbly off of Sueng.

"Yes." He smirked. "Any more stupid questions?"

Bulma humphed and walked off. "Are you coming or not?"


Vegeta dropped Bulma off at her dorm pretty late. As she entered the room, she took out her purse and removed 50 yen. She located Chichi.

"Hey, Chi." She said. "I've got something for you."

"What?" She turned around from her mirror. "What?" She repeated.

"Here." Slipped the 50 yen into Chi-chi's breast pocket and smirked. "I'm going to bed."


Chapter 3