Title: What Once Was Lost

Author: Killarri

E-mail: killarri@yahoo.com

Rating: R (For language and lemon later)

Summary: When the last three surviving members of the Saiyan race come to Earth, what will happen when they go to high school? A B/V high school fic with a huge twist.

Warnings: This is an AU!!!! Vegeta is going to be OOC so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Disclaimer: I don’t own DBZ! So don’t sue because you will get nothing! I’m a college student; I’m broke all the time. 



What Once Was Lost 

Chapter One: A New Life 


Vegeta scowled reclining on the twin-sized bed in his new room, which was unfortunately next to Kakarott and his harpy mate’s room. It was bad enough being reduced to a resident of this pathetic mud ball, but he could do without hearing that. 

It wasn’t fair, he concluded, staring at the white flecks of something on the ceiling. He was the Legendary damnit. He should be back on his planet as its King, but instead he was the Prince of a dead race ruling over a grand total of four subjects including him. The only comfort he had was that he destroyed the being responsible for his races’ genocide and planets destruction. 

Frieza took everything away from him. His kingdom, his father, his people, and even her. Sorayu, her name as well as her image came unbidden to his mind. Her cerulean eyes dancing with mischief, her silky aqua hair tumbling over her shoulders, and her soft smile tugging on his heart. She was his best friend, his soul mate. Even at four years old, running through the palace gardens with her, he knew even then that he loved her. And he’d lost her when they were still children. If she’d lived, he would’ve made her his princess his father be damned. 

He angrily shook his head annoyed at the path his thoughts had taken. She is dead, he reminded himself, and growled noticing the moisture brimming in his obsidian eyes. “Pathetic,” he sneered, “The Prince of all Saiyans reduced to a simpering fool.” But he couldn’t help it. He missed her so much. 

A soft knock at the door tore the Prince from his depressing thoughts. He furiously wiped at his eyes before granting entry to whoever it was. Krillin, Kakarott’s bald cousin, nervously walked into the room well aware of Vegeta’s famous temper. 

“My mom wanted me to check and see how you’re settling in.” 

“I’m fine, baldy.” Vegeta stated flatly his tone clearly conveying his boredom. 

Krillin gulped. “Um…okay. Well, goodnight and don’t forget we start school tomorrow.” He moved towards the door eager to get out of the room as fast as possible. 

“Whatever.” Vegeta replied as Krillin left. He sighed turning on his side. He didn’t mind going to school, much. At least he’d have something to do. What he did mind was hiding his tail because the humans would freak out. He was proud of who and what he was and saw no reason to hide it, but Krillin’s human parents insisted. They argued that if the Earthlings knew that they were aliens then they’d be turned into lab rats. Vegeta snorted. No human could turn the Saiyan Prince into some guinea pig. Nevertheless, he agreed along with the other two Saiyans to keep his tail hidden. The only human they didn’t have to hide it around, besides Krillin’s parents obviously, was baldy’s mate who already knew about their heritage. 

Vegeta sighed and closed his eyes. It was going to be a long, unpleasant day tomorrow and he needed to get some sleep. 


Soft laughter drifted through the garden, a gentle breeze stirring the exotic flowers. The blue haired girl smiled at her surly companion and teased, “I bet you can’t catch me, Veggie head!” 

The young Prince growled at the nickname. She knew he hated it but still insisted on using it. He smirked, “I’ll take that bet, girl.” 

Her azure eyes narrowed and she stalked up to him poking his chest with her slim index finger. “How many times do I have to tell you? My name is Sorayu.” She growled. 

Vegeta chuckled and grabbed the offending hand before she could poke him again. “I don’t care what your name is. I’m the Saiyan Prince and I’ll call you what I want, girl.” 

She sighed exasperated and gave up on the name business. “So what do I get if I win?” Sorayu questioned returning to the previous conversation. 

He paused in thought for a moment before answering. “I’ll stop calling you girl and use your name.” She nodded her assent and he continued, “And if I win you have to call me Prince Vegeta.” 

“Deal.” She smiled and he couldn’t help but grin back. “Ok,” Sorayu began, “You have to cover your eyes and count to thirty. You have five minutes to find me; if you don’t then I win.” 

“Yeah, yeah.” He mumbled covering his eyes with his hands. 

He began counting and he heard her call, “And no peeking!” as she scurried away to find a good hiding place.  

“Stupid girl.” Vegeta muttered before resuming his countdown. 

When he finished counting, he began walking through the large gardens sniffing the air. Sorayu had a very distinct smell, like all Saiyans did, but hers was very sweet. Vegeta smiled when he finally picked up on it. Following the trail, he traipsed through the trees and bushes until finally coming where her scent stopped. There was a large pond with tons of little red flowers floating on the surface. The whole pond was surrounded by trees and he levitated up checking the branches of each one but Sorayu was no where to be found. 

He frowned lowering himself to the ground. Where could she be? Walking up to the pond, he checked the water for her and scowled not finding her. Vegeta checked every place he could think of and soon enough the five minutes had passed.  

The young Prince could’ve smacked himself when Soryau’s blue head broke the water’s surface. She smiled slightly at him and flared her ki to dry off. “Where were you?” He demanded scowling. 

“In the pond.” 

He rolled his eyes. “Well, duh! But where in the pond? I checked there and didn’t see you.” 

Sorayu giggled. “There’s a cave that you can only see once you’re in the water.” 

“Oh.” He replied as his cheeks burned red in embarassment. “I must say I’m impressed, girl.” 

“Ah, ah, ah…” She scolded waving an outstretched finger in front of his face. “Remember the deal?” 

Vegeta growled and replied through clenched teeth, “Fine, Sorayu.” 

The blue haired female giggled looping her arm through his. “That wasn’t so bad, was it?” She smiled brightly at him and said, “You’re my best friend, Vegeta.” 

“You’re mine too.” He replied never noticing that she used his name instead of one of those retarted nicknames she called him. 


AN: Aw, Vegeta is so cute when he’s hopelessly in love. Is Sorayu really dead? How will the three Saiyans get along in high school? Next time, Vegeta’s first day in school. Let’s just hope he doesn’t blow the place up. 

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Chapter 2