Title:              What Once Was Lost

Author:          Killarri

E-mail:           killarri@yahoo.com

Rating:           NC-17 (For language and lemon)

Summary:      When the last three surviving members of the Saiyan race come to Earth,         what will happen when they go to high school?  A B/V high school fic with a huge twist.

Warnings:      This is an AU!!!!  Vegeta is going to be OOC so don’t say I didn’t warn you.  LEMON CONTENT!!!  If you can’t say the word “sex” without giggling or blushing, then you probably shouldn’t read the lemon.  For those who want to skip the lemon, I’ll let you know before it starts and you will not miss any important plot points.  The lemon is really only for those, like me, who are complete hentai's and love a well-written lemon.  Also, there’s a little more Yamcha bashing, for those of you who requested it.

Disclaimer:     I don’t own DBZ.  Eh, I can’t come up with a creative disclaimer right now.


AN: This chapter is extremely long.  I even cut some out of it because otherwise it would have been unbearably long.  For those who want to skip out on the lemon, it’s not until the end of the chapter and I’ll let you know before it starts.  To those people who read the lemon, it’s only my second attempt, so please keep that in mind.



What Once Was Lost


Chapter Ten: Soul Mates



            There was nothing.  Only a bleak, infinite, dark void that surrounded her.  Bulma couldn’t shake the eerie feeling of déjà vu assaulting her and after a few moments, she remembered.  It was from a dream, that first dream she had right before school started, the one with the mystery man.


            Would she find out his identity this time?  Or would he fade away into oblivion as he had in the last dream?  It didn’t take long for her to realize that this wasn’t exactly like the last dream when a bright white light appeared on the distant horizon.


            She moved towards it, slowly and cautiously, unsure as to what would happen when she finally got there.  Would he be there?  Or maybe a new face from the life she couldn’t remember on the distant planet of Vegetasei?  Whatever it was, she would be ready to meet it head on.


            As she drew near, the light brightened in intensity, so much so that she had to cover her eyes to shield the sensitive irises from the blinding white glow.  The light was coming from an open doorway, and she tried peering inside but could see nothing.  Did she dare step through the door?  Kami only knew what was on the other side, but at the same time, she felt compelled to see.  After all, she thought, it is only a dream so nothing can hurt me.


            Mind made up, she squared her shoulders and marched proudly into the white unknown.  Once inside, the door slammed shut behind her and she jumped startled by the loud bang.  Turning, she looked back to see what had caused the loud noise and screamed.  The space where the doorway had once been was now completely empty.  The door just disappeared.


            “Sorayu?”  A softly spoken female voice asked at her back.


            The blue-haired saiyan spun around irritated that someone had actually snuck in behind her, but as she eyed the dark haired woman before her, her jaw dropped in surprise.  “Mama?”  She questioned as tears welled up in her eyes.


            “Yes baby.”  Kylara replied as hot, salty tears filled her chocolate brown eyes as well.


            “Oh Mama!”  Bulma cried and launched herself at the petite woman hugging her fiercely.  “I’m sorry I left you.”  She sobbed.


            “Oh, don’t cry baby.”  Kylara stroked her daughter’s aqua hair tenderly in an attempt to calm her, just as she had done when Sorayu was a child and came home crying after being tormented by the other children in school.  “I know you didn’t want to leave.  But if you hadn’t, you would have died with the rest of us.”


            Bulma’s head snapped up to solemnly regard her mother.  “But I let you die.”


            Kylara laughed lightly.  “Hush, no you didn’t.  If you had been there, the result still would’ve been the same.  Frieza still would’ve destroyed Vegetasei.  Besides, the Prince needs you.”


            “I’m sorry.”


            “Don’t be.  You don’t know how happy I am that you’re alive.”  Kylara smiled and tucked a stray strand of aqua hair behind Sorayu’s ear.  “I just wanted to tell you that I’m so proud of you, my little princess.”


            “I’m no princess.”  Bulma mumbled.


            “No, not yet.”  Kylara winked at her daughter.  “But you will be.  Vegeta loves you and he’ll make an excellent mate.”


            Bulma flushed slightly and asked, “Do you really think that he loves me?”


            “Of course he does.  Look in his eyes and they’ll tell you.”


            The blue-haired woman smiled and hugged her mother to her again.  Neither knew how long they stayed like that.  In the realm of the subconscious what seemed like hours could be only minutes in reality.  The time they had together was over all too soon and Kylara gently extracted herself from her daughter’s strangle hold.


            “Listen to me, Sorayu,” she said softly, “always remember that I love you and that you’ve done nothing but make me proud.”


            “Do you have to go?”  Bulma asked meekly hoping she could spend even just one more minute with the woman who gave birth to her and raised her.  The woman she could hardly remember.


            Kylara nodded sadly.  “Yes, child, I do.”


            Cerulean eyes filled with tears and they flowed unnoticed down Bulma’s pale cheeks.  “I’ll miss you.”  She whispered.


            “This isn’t good bye.”  Kylara stated gently.  “I’ll be watching over you for as long as you live.  We’ll meet again, Sorayu.”  The older woman wrapped her arms around her child one last time before floating out into the great white void.


            “I love you, Mama!”  Bulma screamed as she watched the visage of her mother disappear into nothingness.


            “I love you too, Sorayu.”  Was the soft reply that echoed throughout the air. 


The moment the final words faded away, the bright white light changed and Bulma blinked as she found herself in a lush garden underneath a blood red sky.  Was this Vegetasei, she wondered glancing around for anything that would spark awareness in her surroundings.


Bulma wandered around the vast garden, inspecting the vibrantly colored exotic plants with a scientific eye for detail.  She searched her mind for any trace of information about them, but none were familiar to the blue-haired saiyan.


At the end of the lavish garden, there was a small pond complete with what appeared to be purple water lilies floating on the surface.  Stepping up to the water’s edge, she carefully observed the hundreds of fish mulling around the pond.  Every species was just as beautiful and exotic as the next.  Some were long and thin with violet scales while there were some that closely resembled the variety of fish found on Earth but with different coloring.  One was ruby red with long whiskers like a catfish and another looked like a bright yellow blowfish.  And the smaller fish near the top of the water even looked like they were glowing.


Bulma watched them completely fascinated for a few minutes until her sensitive ears picked up the unmistakable sound of children laughing.  Unable to repress her curious nature, she reluctantly abandoned the wonderful pond and she followed the gleeful laughter.


When she finally found the source, Bulma gasped loudly at the sight.  Before her, was herself, as a child.  The girl she had once been was currently laughing and pointing at the scowling young saiyan prince.


“I like this game!”  She proclaimed loudly, idly throwing a rock into the air over and over again.


“Of course you would!”  Vegeta growled.


The aqua-haired little girl giggled again and replied with feigned innocence, “Is it even possible for a mere rock to injure the great Saiyan Prince?”


“Of course it isn’t.”  He informed her with the typical wide smirk plastered on his face.  “Especially if you don’t throw the stupid things.”


She simply smiled sweetly and then lobbed the rock in her hand at him.  He dodged it and still smiling, she proceeded to throw an entire pile at him in quick succession.  He was able to dodge most of them, but a few hit the mark much to her delight.


Bulma watched the scene in awe.  It was just like Vegeta had described.  The two were in short best friends, almost inseparable. She observed as they moved on from the rock throwing to a light sparring session.  After a good fight, each child lay down on the grass to relax.


“I don’t want to leave tomorrow.”  The young girl whined yanking a few blades of grass from the ground.


“It’s only a couple of months.”


She sighed, “I know.”




“Hmm?”  She replied closing her eyes.


“I want to ask you something.”


Her eyes snapped open and she rose onto her elbows, eyeing him curiously.  “What?”


“Well…um…” he stammered nervously, “when we get older,” he gulped, “when we grow up, will you…be my mate?”


Sorayu, both the child and the woman, gasped in surprise at his question.  He asked me to be his mate, the teenaged Sorayu asked herself watching the two children closely.  She was dying to know how she responded to the question, and for a moment, she wondered how she’d react if the question were posed now.


Bulma watched as a bright smile spread across her younger self’s face and the young girl asked, “You really want me to be your mate?”


Vegeta shrugged.  “My father said that my mate should be strong, smart, and beautiful.  And that I would have to be able to trust her.  You’re the only girl like that I know.”


The young girls smile grew even bigger and a slight rose hue tinted her cheeks.  “You think I’m beautiful?”  She asked quietly.


“Um..well…” the prince mumbled his cheeks now sporting a light blush of their own.  The rest of his sentence was cut off when a blue blur knocked him to the ground.  He began to object to his situation but was interrupted again by a tight hug.


“I would love to be your mate, Geta.”


The smile that crept on to his face was by far one of the most beautiful things that Bulma had ever witnessed, and smiling she rubbed her watery eyes.  Upon reopening them, she noticed that the surroundings had changed once again.  Instead of the beautiful garden, she was back to the beginning and again standing in the middle of black nothingness.


“Not this again.”  She mumbled under her breath.  What did her subconscious have in store for her now?  Admittedly, this dream was one of the more pleasant ones she’d had over the years, but it felt like more than a dream.  It felt as if there was still some important revelation lurking in the shadows.


The hair on her neck stood on end, and she felt another presence around, watching her.  “Is anyone there?”  She called into the void with an eerie sense of déjà vu.  No answer came.  “Hello?” Bulma cried searching the blackness for some sign of whoever was studying her.  Silence.  The feeling of being watched stayed with her, and she was about an inch shy of a full blown panic.


A deep chuckle from behind her was accompanied by a familiar gruff voice, “Such a paranoid woman.”


Bulma shrieked in surprise.  She turned to glare at the smirking saiyan.  “Kami Vegeta!”  She yelled, “Do you want to give me a heart attack?!”


“You’re a Saiyan.”  He scoffed.  “Saiyans don’t get heart attacks.”


“Hey, it could happen.”  Bulma mumbled petulantly visually giving him a good once over.  The skintight blue spandex and white chest plate looked familiar, and after a moment, she remembered it was from an earlier dream.  “Oh my Kami!”  She breathed staring wide-eyed at the saiyan before her.  Vegeta was the mystery guy from that first dream days before she even met him.  Did that mean that they were meant to be together?


Vegeta smirked under her careful scrutiny.  “Like what you see, Woman?”  He purred seductively.


Bulma watched him draw closer until only a few centimeters separated their bodies unable to utter a single word.  His close proximity made it impossible to think of anything besides how good it felt to be in his arms.  Unable to resist the tremendous urge, she leaned forward catching his lips in a tender kiss.  He responded enthusiastically pulling her into his arms and against his body.  The kiss quickly grew passionate and Bulma threw her arms around his neck desperately trying to touch as much of him as possible.  Vegeta broke away from her mouth leaving soft butterfly kisses along her jaw line and up to her earlobe which he bit lightly.


“Soon, little one.”  He whispered and then abruptly disappeared.




            Bulma jolted into consciousness with a start waking the light sleeper beside her.  A bleary-eyed Vegeta glanced wildly around the room in confusion before his dark, and clearly annoyed, gaze settled on her.  “Where’s the fire?”  He asked sardonically.


            “Sorry.”  She mumbled sheepishly and then yawned turning her gaze to the alarm clock on her bedside table which displayed 10:37 am.  Stretching as she rose from the bed, she glanced at her companion and almost laughed at the just-woke-up-look that his spiky hair was sporting.  It looked like he’d been electrocuted; his normally upswept spikes were sticking wildly in all directions, and Bulma thought it was absolutely adorable.  “What are you doing tonight?”  She asked nonchalantly.


            Still more than half asleep, the Saiyan Prince mumbled, “Nothing.”


            Bulma smiled, and the mischievous glint in her eyes did not go unnoticed by the prince who knew immediately that she was planning something.  “Good,” she spoke simply, “then you can come over and spar with me around eight?”


            Vegeta eyed her warily, unsure as to what ideas were fluttering in her mind, but eventually nodded.  Besides, he thought smugly, it’s not like she could come up with something that I couldn’t handle.


            “Great!”  She squealed.  “Let me take a shower and I’ll make some food for us.”  Excitedly, she picked out her clothes for the day and a clean towel and hurried into the adjoining bathroom shutting the door with a sharp click.  In seconds, the sound of water running could be heard coming from the small room.


            Vegeta blinked, twice.  What the hell had he just agreed to?  He groaned rising from the bed and quickly descended the stairs into the living room to wait.  Grabbing the remote control, he flipped through several channels before settling on some old blank-and-white war movie.  The minutes ticked by as he somewhat anxiously awaited the appearance of his soon-to-be mate.


            When she finally descended the stairs, she smiled and grabbed the cordless phone and dialed walking into the kitchen.  More than a little curious, he followed and leaned against the refrigerator, intentionally listening in on the woman’s conversation.


            Bulma had to fight the urge to laugh when she noticed Vegeta oh-so-casually eavesdropping.  She knew she was acting weird and she did indeed have something planned for him, but a talk with Chi Chi was in order first.


            After the phone rang over ten times on the other end, Bulma was about to give up and just call back later when a breathless Kakarott panted out, “Hello?”


            “Hey, Kakarott.  What took so long?”


            “Hey, Bul-…um….what do you want me to call you now?”


            Bulma laughed pulling out the various lunchmeats and things needed for a lot of sandwiches.  “Either one.  But honestly, I would prefer Sorayu.”


            “Ok then, Sorayu.”  He chuckled, “As for taking so long to get the phone, sorry.  Chi Chi and I were outside sparring and no one else is home.”  A slight pause.  “Speaking of that, did Vegeta stay over at your house last night?”


            Bulma felt the heat rise into her cheeks and if she had a mirror on her at the moment, a beet red woman would’ve stared back at her.  Thankfully, her back was to Vegeta, but that still didn’t lessen her embarrassment.  She wasn’t a child anymore and it just wasn’t right that a woman of eighteen blushed as much as she did.  And it didn’t help that he was hearing every single word.  “Yes.”  She finally hissed in warning, “and you better not give me any shit about it.”


            Kakarott laughed, and said, “Oh, I won’t.  But you know Chi Chi.”


            Bulma sighed in defeat.  Yeah, she knew Chi Chi enough to know that the woman wouldn’t spare the opportunity tease her.  “Could you get her for me?”


            “Yeah, sure.  Hold on a second.”  The phone was set down, probably on a nearby table or something, with a sharp click, and she could hear Kakarott’s foot steps as he left to get his mate.


            As she waited, she spun around to regard Vegeta who was smirking smugly with his arms crossed over his chest, also known as the way he looked about ninety percent of the time.  “I thought that the great Saiyan Prince wouldn’t care what I was talking about with ‘Kakarott’s harpy’.”  She remarked sarcastically.


            Vegeta saw the challenge, and recognized it for what it really was: a pathetic attempt to get him out of the room while she was talking with that annoying woman.  Normally he wouldn’t want to listen to any of it, but since she was so obviously trying to keep him from listening in, he wasn’t going anywhere.  “I don’t care.”  He stated flatly.


            “Then why are you bothering to listen, hmm?”


            “I’m waiting for the food.”


            “Whatever.”  She replied rolling her eyes.  He cared and she knew it.  With a mental shrug, she just decided to let it go.  His curiosity was more amusing than annoying and she wasn’t planning on getting into any serious discussion with the only other female saiyan over the phone anyway.


            “Hey Bulma…er…Sorayu!”  Chi Chi cried happily when she made it to the phone.


            “Hey Chi!”  Bulma returned just as brightly.


            “What’s going on?”


            “Not a whole lotta.”  The blue-haired saiyan replied conversationally.  “I was wondering if you wanted to go shopping with me.”


            “Sure.  What time?”


            “Uh, well, we’re just sitting down to eat now, so about half an hour.”


            “We?”  Chi Chi asked with a mischievous note in her voice.


            Damn, I almost made it, Bulma thought sighing.  “Yes, we…as in me and Vegeta.”


            “Oh okay.  Just checking.”


            “Uh…anyway, I’ll be there soon.”


            “See you.”


            “Later Chi.” The blue-haired saiyan mumbled and then hung up the phone.  She set the platter full of sandwiches on the wood table, and without a word, the two saiyans devoured everything within minutes.  Bulma quickly cleared the dishes and set them in the sink leaving them until after she got back from her outing.


            “Are you going home?”  She questioned grabbing her purse.  “I can give you a ride over if you are.”


            Vegeta eyed her warily.  Though he had never ridden in a car with her, he had heard from the rest of their friends that the woman was an atrocious driver, the main reason that 18 drove them around most of the time.  “Will it end up killing me?”  He asked in all seriousness.


            Bulma rolled her eyes as they exited the large yellow structure.  Who had been spreading horrible lies about her driving?  Sure, she’d hit a couple parked cars, a pole, a tree, and a couple mailboxes, but she wasn’t that bad of a driver.  At least she hadn’t hit anything that moved yet.  “You can believe what everyone else says and enjoy walking home, if you want.”


            Vegeta snorted.  “Who says I would walk?”  Smirking, his body lifted into the air and within seconds, he was just a blur on the far horizon leaving behind a visibly fuming Bulma.


            Did he always have to be such an ass?  Shrugging, Bulma climbed into her car and was soon speeding down the road, her favorite Linkin Park song blaring from the stereo.  Now all she needed to do was have a serious girl talk with Chi Chi.


            She wasn’t surprised, pulling into Krillin’s driveway, to see a smug looking Vegeta sitting on the front step.  He stood as she approached, and she stopped in front of him a moment, waiting for him to move out of her way.  Of course because of his uncooperative ass nature, he didn’t move and she was forced to side step him to get to the front door, but was stopped forcibly after only a few steps by a gentle grip on her arm.  Without a word, Vegeta pulled her to him and after planting a quick kiss on her lips, stepped aside for her to pass.


            “I’ll be at your house at eight, woman.”  He reminded her before levitating around the house, presumably to enter his room through the window.


            Bulma smiled in daze and knocked at the door.  Chi Chi answered after only a few seconds with a smile on her face that stretched ear to ear and for a moment Bulma wondered if she’d seen that little exchange with Vegeta.  The raven haired saiyan said nothing though, instead just moving to the car, and Bulma climbed into the driver’s seat.  Then, tires squealing, the duo took off to one of their favorite places: the mall.




The two women spent hours trying on clothes and just basically burning a hole in Bulma’s vast expanse of C.C. credit cards, and to Chi Chi’s credit not one teasing comment escaped her lips.  After about twenty different shops, their Saiyan stomachs began rumbling and the two decided that a trip to the food court upstairs was in order.


            “Can I ask you something?”  The blue-haired saiyan began quietly as they found a table to sit at.  She plopped her huge tray of Chinese food on the table and watched as Chi Chi did the same and sat in the seat across from her.


            “Sure.  Shoot.”


            “Um…” Bulma muttered somewhat uncomfortably.  “Well…I…was wondering exactly what you’re supposed to do once you’ve chosen a…um…mate.”


            Unfortunately for the raven-haired saiyan, she was taking a big drink of her Pepsi and the question surprised her so much that she spit the brown cola from her mouth and choked slightly.  When she recovered her wits, Chi Chi smiled slyly, and asked, “Why would you want to know?”


            “Because I’m in love with Vegeta.”  Was the simple reply.


            “Aww.”  Chi Chi remarked smiling brightly.  “I knew it would happen.”


            “Well,” Bulma began lowly absentmindedly pushing the noodles around on her plate, “I would feel better if I knew that he felt the same.  I mean we’ve kissed a few times, but that doesn’t mean he loves me.”


            “Bulma…oops…Sorayu—it’s going to take me a while to get used to that—when we got home from your house last night, I cornered Kakarott and he told me what Vegeta said about you.”


            Bulma’s head snapped up to regard her friend, and in a small voice filled with hope, she asked, “Really?  What did he say?”


            Chi Chi shrugged, “Not much.  Just that if you hadn’t ‘died’ then he would’ve taken you as his mate.”


            “He asked me the day before I left, but I hardly expect him to hold up to some promise he made when he was still a kid.”


            “Sorayu, I don’t think you have to worry about that.”  Chi Chi replied with a slight wave of her hand.  She knew Vegeta well enough to know that he felt the same way.  Either way, those two would be bonded within the week.  “As far as Mating goes,” she explained quietly, “you have to go through what’s called ‘The Hunt’.”


            “The Hunt?”


            Chi Chi nodded.  “When a male has found a female that he wants to Mate with, he will do all he can to get her to attack him.  If she wants to Mate with him, then she will instinctively attack then run away.  He hunts her and if he can catch and subdue the female, then they will Mate.”


            Bulma looked at Chi Chi with confusion swirling in her eyes.  The Hunt sounded rather primitive for a space faring race.  Humans even had a more sophisticated ceremony for that sort of thing.  After voicing her thoughts aloud to her friend, Bulma was surprised when Chi Chi laughed loudly.


            “Yeah, I’m sure it would probably seem pretty primitive, but there are reasons behind it.  Males far outnumbered females and the hunt was to ensure that females weren’t Mating with males weaker than them.  Survival of the fittest.”  Chi Chi frowned then, and continued, “As far as humans go, 18 explained the whole concept of marriage and divorce to me, and I don’t really understand it.  When saiyans take a mate, it’s for life.  The bond ensures that.”


            “The bond?”  Bulma echoed.


            “There are two types of bonds that a saiyan can have with their mate.  The first is of the mind.  They’ll be able to read each other’s minds, see each other’s memories, and even communicate telepathically, sometimes over great distances if the bond is strong enough.  The second bond is of the soul.  The pair will be able to feel each other’s emotions and physical pain, if one dies the other will follow.  The soul bond takes years to develop and some mate pairs never get to it.  Usually only the strongest bonded couples develop it.”


            “So there was no such thing as casual sex?”


            “No there was,” Chi Chi replied leaning back in the white metal chair.  “But if at any point the male bit the female, then the mind bond started and they were mates.”  She pulled back the collar of her shirt to reveal a small half-moon scar at the place where the neck and shoulder met.  “You understand?”  She questioned.


            “Yeah.”  The blue-haired saiyan replied with a sharp nod.  “It all makes sense to me.”


            Chi Chi smiled and checked her watch.  “Damn,” she muttered, “it’s almost four.”  She stood up gathering the trash from her meal and pilled it on the red plastic tray.  “I promised Krillin’s mom that I’d fix dinner tonight so she could have a break.”


            Bulma laughed as she stood and threw away her trash.  Her own mother sometimes complained about her voracious appetite and she didn’t want to imagine the work that went with cooking for four saiyans.  Grabbing her purse and the dozen or so shopping bags she acquired, Bulma followed Chi Chi out of the crowded food court and to the down escalator.  “Besides, I think we bought enough anyway.”


            Chi Chi glanced to her own hoard of bags and replied with a light chuckle, “I don’t know.  I think there’re a couple of stores that we didn’t buy out.”


            The two women pushed through the crowd of weekend shoppers, and were just about to the doors of the huge complex when a familiar voice calling Bulma’s name made them both stop in their tracks.  Both women turned and when confronted with the owner of the voice, none other than a grinning Yamcha, Bulma cursed her absolutely rotten luck and heard a low growl from the woman beside her.  Why did she always have to deal with that idiot?


            “What do you want, Yamcha?”  She sighed out tapping her foot impatiently.


            His gaze traveled from Bulma to Chi Chi and back several times before he finally spoke, asking quietly, “Can I talk to you alone?”


            “Whatever you have to say you can say in front of Chi Chi.” Bulma replied icily.  She still hadn’t forgotten what he’d done to her car, and though he denied it still, she knew it was him.  His scent was all over the area, but she couldn’t exactly say that without letting on that she wasn’t human.




            Grinding her teeth together in irritation, Bulma rolled her eyes.  “No,” she hissed, moments shy of completely losing her patience, “start talking or I’m leaving.”


            “Bitch.”  He muttered under his breath, though not low enough for either saiyan to miss it.  “Bulma, I love you, and I’m sorry about everything.  Do you think we could give it another try?”


            “No.”  She replied flatly.  “You had your chance and you blew it.  Besides, I’m in love with someone a hundred times better than you.”


            “What?!  But I would know if you were dating anybody.”  Yamcha yelled drawing the stares of many mall patrons in the area.  “Who is it?”


            Bulma smirked and said, “Vegeta.”


            “What does that midget have that I don’t?”


            “Everything.  My heart,” was Bulma’s simple reply.


            “What the hell does that mean?”  He asked angrily.


            Bulma was about to give a detailed list of exactly of what Vegeta had that the man whore in front of her didn’t but her response was cut off as a blue-haired woman, who Bulma recognized as a freshman at their school, Maron, interrupted their conversation practically throwing herself at Yamcha.


            “Oh Yamcha!”  She cooed with a horrible high pitched voice that hurt both saiyan women’s sensitive ears.  “Sorry I took so long.  Ready to go on with our date?”


            Bulma laughed loudly thoroughly amused by the situation.  The asshole tried getting back together with her while he was already on a date.  Her loud laughter eventually got the other blue haired woman’s attention and she turned, frowning, and shot a nasty look at the two women.


            “Don’t worry we’re not trying to steal your gigolo….oops…I meant date.”  Bulma said with false cheerfulness.  Her icy azure eyes narrowed on Yamcha who looked very uncomfortable under her scrutiny.  “This is the last time I’m going to say this, Yamcha, so listen closely.  I do not want you.  I will never want you again.  If you don’t leave me alone from now on, you won’t only have to deal with me, you’ll have to deal with Vegeta too.  And let me assure you,” she smirked then, enjoying the way he was squirming, “he is completely capable of kicking your ass to next year and will not hesitate to do it if you don’t get the message this time.”


            She heard Chi Chi snickering beside her and she smiled turning to her friend.  “Let’s get out of here.”  The two women then exited the mall leaving a very embarrassed Yamcha and his confused date.


            “God that felt so good!”  Bulma remarked on the long walk back to the car.  “Hopefully,” she began with a light giggle, “threatening him with an ass beating from Vegeta will do the trick.”


            “Somehow I doubt it.”  Chi Chi drawled.


            “Yeah, he’ll probably have to get beat up at least once before it’ll sink in.”


            “It’s not like Vegeta would mind.”  She pointed out.


            Bulma laughed at the truth behind that statement.  Vegeta didn’t like all that many people, but he particularly loathed her ex-boyfriend and didn’t attempt to hide it.  In fact, he would probably take great pleasure in painfully reminding her ex just how hated he really was.


            They made it to the car and once all the bags were loaded into the sports car’s rather small trunk, Bulma pulled out of the parking lot.  Speeding by at least fifteen miles an hour the whole way there, which wasn’t a big deal for the lead-footed woman, in only ten minutes, she dropped Chi Chi off at home and headed to her own house.  There wasn’t that much time before Vegeta would get there, and she still had some work in the lab that needed to be done in addition to preparing for her prince’s visit.




            Vegeta touched down on the front lawn at C.C. at precisely 7:55.  He still couldn’t help but wonder what the woman had planned for him.  His initial anxiousness had only grown as the day wore on, but that also could have come from the amused glances that Kakarott’s mate kept giving him since she’d gotten back from their little outing.


            He raised a hand and tentatively knocked on the metal door.  Within seconds it opened with a whoosh to reveal a brightly smiling Bulma.  He noticed immediately that she wasn’t dressed in her normal training attire, instead garbed in a black halter top and a pair of black shorts, and he had to fight the urge to gawk at her.  The outfit showed more skin than he’d ever seen her display, but not to the point of indecency, and she looked absolutely amazing.


            “You’re going to wear that in a spar?”  He questioned incredulously.  Although, he wouldn’t really mind if she did; it was all great eye candy.


            “Yeah, you like?”  She asked doing a little turn so he could see the whole thing.  She knew she looked sexy and judging from the way his eyes had bugged a little when she had first opened the door, he thought so too.  “I got it today.”  She stated with a shrug and exited the house closing the door behind her.


            She led him across the lawn, and he frowned noticing they were going in the opposite direction of the gravity room, but still followed her anyway.  They stopped once they were some distance away from the main house, and Bulma smirked devilishly.  “I wanted to spar outside and with ki, if that’s alright with you.”


            “It’s your funeral.”  Vegeta replied as his own customary smirk graced his features.  “I’ll just have even more of an advantage over you than before.”


            “Oh?  And what makes you think that, Veggie?”


            He purposely ignored the nickname issue; it was a lost cause anyway and instead asked snidely, “Do you honestly think that a weak woman could hold a candle to a super saiyan?”


            Bulma glared at him sinking into a crouch.  Weak woman?!  “Bring it on, Princey,” she spat angrily.  I’ll show him who’s weak, she thought as she shot forward with the intention of wiping that damn smirk off his face.  She was met with only air though as he phased out from her path and reappeared behind her.


            Vegeta smiled smugly at the woman’s back and tapped her lightly on the shoulder.  “Now, what were you…” he began but was cut off when she spun around quickly and clocked him right in the face with a punch.  He staggered backwards a couple of steps, and she took advantage of his error by sweeping his legs out from underneath him.


            He landed on his back and scowled more than a little embarrassed at being taken off guard like that.  That mischievous glint returned to her cerulean eyes then, and she smiled before levitating a couple feet into the air.  “Come catch me if you can!”  She hollered and then took off in a fiery explosion of ki.


            Vegeta lay flat on his back a moment utterly confused.  What the hell was she doing running away from a spar?  It almost seemed as if….his eyes widened as realization dawned.  The little minx had initiated the hunt!


            Deciding that he wasn’t going to waste any more time, he jumped into the air and silently powered up to super saiyan.  She already had quite a head start and knowing that woman, she was going to make it as difficult as possible for him.  Not that I would have it any other way, he thought as he picked her scent up in the air.  Following it, his mind wandered to what would happen once he finally caught her.  The thought that he could finally do something about the almost maddening desire he had for the blue-haired saiyan drove the prince to even higher speeds to catch up to her.


            He wasn’t surprised to see that Bulma had finally descended in a heavily wooded area.  The area was only illuminated by the dim stars above since Earth no longer had a moon, and wearing black, she would easily blend in.  The Prince resolved not to find her by her ki; after all, what was the challenge in that?  Instead, he would use instincts and his enhanced senses to catch his prey.


            Within moments, he picked up on her trail once again, and smirking, followed it for several minutes.  He paused every so often to check the forest floor for the woman’s small footprints to confirm that she had indeed come that way and wasn’t just spreading her scent all over to throw him off track.  The underbrush grew thicker as he went along, and for ten minutes, he pushed through the shrubs until he came to where both her scent and footprints stopped.


            Vegeta slowed his breathing and stood absolutely still trying pick up any sound in the surrounding area, but the only sound in the night air was his own quiet breathing.  His nose did pick up on a new scent, however, and he followed it to a nearby bush with red berries.  The bush itself sported a bald spot where no berries grew.  Several of them lay on the ground, smashed, and Vegeta smirked realizing the woman’s plan.  She had used the berries to cover up her scent and doubled back then veering from her original path.


            He turned around and walked the path this time checking the ground around for footprints as he walked.  Sure enough, after a few minutes, the trail of small marks in the soft dirt led him out of the more dense part of the wood, and eventually into a clearing with a large pond.  They circled around the waters edge before reentering the forest on the opposite side, but this time Vegeta didn’t take the bait.  He knew her well enough to know that she’d be in the pond.  Instead of going back into the forest as she intended him to do, Vegeta went straight for the waters edge and peered in.  He didn’t see her, but a few air bubbles did float to the surface, and although they could have been from fish, he knew it was Bulma.  After drawing a deep breath, he dove into the water in search of his mate.


            The pond wasn’t very deep, but the water was murky and combined with the low lighting made it even more difficult to spot her or a hole that she might be hiding in.  Nevertheless, he checked the pond methodically searching for any place that she could conceal herself.  He was several minutes into the search when a flash of blue caught his eye as Bulma shot out of her hiding spot and tried swimming around him to get the surface.  Though she was fast, Vegeta was faster and he grabbed her leg, pulling her to him.  They floated to the surface of the pond in each others arms, and once they emerged, Vegeta brushed her wet aqua hair from her face.  He smirked and in a deep, husky voice whispered, “You’re mine, little one.”


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            His lips were on hers in an instant in a passionate kiss that was almost bruising in intensity.  Bulma never noticed as he lifted them out of the cool water and gently laid her on the ground in one fluid motion.  Her arms wrapped around him and she explored the corded muscles of his back with her fingertips while his tongue played with hers darting in and out of her mouth.  Vegeta’s hands operated feverishly causing her skin to tingle every place they made contact, first her arms, next the sensitive skin of her neck before moving down to gently massage her heaving breasts through the material of the black halter top she wore.


            Vegeta broke the kiss and his lips trailed kiss from her jaw line to her neck where he could feel the rapid throbbing of her pulse.  His mouth continued downward, nipping lightly at the skin left bare by her shirt until he finally came to fabric.  Impatiently, he ripped the garment from her body and reveled in the soft moan that escaped her lips when he took a pink nipple in his mouth while rolling the other one between his thumb and index finger.  He could smell the heady scent of her desire in the air around them, and his erection throbbed almost painfully in response.  The Prince stubbornly forced himself to calm his almost insane lust and resist the urge to just bury himself inside of her.  Instead, his mouth left her breast and resumed its downward journey, kissing down her flat stomach, pausing to dip his tongue into her navel, and then finally, to the waist line of her shorts.


            Bulma sucked in a deep breath as she felt her shorts ripped away from her body and seconds later when her panties followed, she lay completely nude before the Saiyan Prince.  Her thighs snapped together and her face turned a bright crimson.  At her mate’s deep chuckle, she shyly averted her gaze slightly embarrassed.  One hand gently cupped her chin and forced her eyes to his while the other lightly brushed the soft skin of her abdomen, right above her aqua curls.


            “Let me touch you.”  He purred seductively.  All the resistance fled her body, and his hand parted her folds allowing his finger to lightly brush against her clit several times before moving to the outside of her wet entrance.  A loud moan erupted from Bulma, and unable to resist, Vegeta gently pushed a finger inside.  He began slowly pumping it in and out, adding a second one, and within moments, she was gasping and writhing in pleasure.


            Bulma felt the pleasure building up, and when he leaned forward to take a breast into his hot mouth, she arched her back and exploded against his hand.  She screamed her lover’s name for all the forest to hear and writhed wildly in the throws of her first orgasm.  When her body stopped trembling minutes later, she smiled and pushed her mate onto his back, purring, “It’s my turn now, my prince.”


            She straddled him, lightly rubbing her moist womanhood against the huge bulge in his shorts, and smiled again upon receiving a muffled groan for her efforts.  She captured his lips in a gentle kiss as his fingertips lightly roamed her back eliciting goose bumps in reaction before they finally came to rest on her buttocks.  Bulma broke their kiss, gently biting his lower lip as she pulled back, and her soft lips followed a similar path to his, first down his angular jaw line, then to his ear where she nibbled on the lobe.  She moved on to his neck, trailing hot kisses down to his collarbone, and finally to where she encountered his shirt.


            Bulma silently debated on whether or not to be nice and not rip it from him, but recalling how her own clothing suffered that fate, she decided that she wasn’t going to be nice.  If she had to fly home naked, so would he.  And with one tug, the ruined garment was tossed off to the side, and her mouth returned to his now bare torso.  Every touch was light and teasing as her mouth and hands explored every muscle, every contour of his amazing body.  Vegeta’s hands tangled in her silky hair as she kissed down his abs, and in seconds, the spandex shorts were gone.  Bulma’s eyes widened as she took in the slight of his erect member, and once again, she felt the heat rising into her cheeks, although that wasn’t the only place.


            Vegeta smirked wickedly at her reaction.  “Impressive, isn’t it?”  He asked with a wink.


            “It’s just that I’ve never…”  Her explanation was interrupted by his kiss and as their tongues intertwined Vegeta gently pushed her onto her back, covering her petite frame with his body.


            “Neither have I.”  He murmured against her lips.  Positioning himself at her entrance, he hesitated and leveled his intense obsidian gaze on her.  “Are you sure you want this?”  He asked seriously praying that she would say yes.  “If we do this it’s forever, you won’t ever be rid of me.”


            Bulma simply smiled cupping his cheek, and spoke softly from her heart.  “Yes.  I want this.  I love you, Vegeta.”


            A wide grin graced his face and he simultaneously entered her warmth, breaking her barrier, and crushed his lips to hers, swallowing her sudden cry of pain.  He stayed still for a few moments, letting her get used to the intrusion, and when she gave a small nod, he began thrusting slowly.  The Prince couldn’t stop a loud groan as he fought to keep from losing it right there.  She was so tight around him, and the feel of her muscles massaging his length as he moved was almost enough to make him climax on the spot.  Vegeta stubbornly held onto his control determined to hear her cry out his name in pleasure again.


            He sped up the tempo, and Bulma moaned his name in appreciation.  Every powerful thrust hit her most sensitive places, and she felt her orgasm building again.  Winding her legs around his waist, she moved with him, meeting his every motion with her own, and tangled her hands in his ebony spikes.  His quiet grunts in her ear only served to drive her on, and when he whispered, “I love you, Sorayu,” she felt waves of pleasure wash over her as she climaxed, calling his name out over and over.


            Vegeta climaxed seconds after her, and as he spilled his seed into her welcoming womb, his teeth instinctually found the spot on her neck and he bit down, finally claiming her as his mate.  Moments later, she bit him in the same place, and they both collapsed in exhaustion.  The Saiyan Prince tenderly brushed a few sweat covered strands of hair from her face, and taking in the sight of her flushed complexion, the tousled hair, the deep red of his blood staining her lips, and the deep sapphire of her passion clouded eyes, he felt himself hardening again inside of her.


            Bulma laughed gently tracing his lips with her finger.  “Ready for more, my love?”  She purred seductively.


            “Oh yes.”  Vegeta moaned rolling them so she was on top, and he grabbed her hips moving her slowly up and down on his penis.  “I’ll never get enough of you.”  He husked watching her as she moved hypnotically over him.  Bulma threw her head back and rocked her hips faster, moaning loudly, and Vegeta bit his lip feeling his orgasm approach.  His hands abandoned their current position and came up to fondle the firm breasts that bounced so enticingly with every movement.


            That was all it took for Bulma to climax again and she mindlessly called out her pleasure as she exploded, and was closely followed by her mate’s release.  Panting, the blue-haired saiyan fell weakly onto Vegeta’s chest, and tried to rein in her thundering heart beat.  The whole experience was nothing short of amazing, and she smiled in complete happiness for the first time in her life.


            Vegeta smirked softly stroking his mate’s hair.  He felt content, something he hadn’t really felt since the day Sorayu left Vegetasei a decade ago.  Now that he had it back, he would never lose it again.  “Woman,” his gruff voice rumbled, “we should probably get to a bed, because we won’t be leaving it for a while.”


            Bulma giggled, and replied, “We could go to my house, since no one’s there.”


            “That sounds perfect.”  He picked her up and not even bothering with the ruined scraps that at one point were clothes, and took off into the air.


            “I can fly you know.”  Bulma protested, even though she didn’t really mind being carried home in the arms of a handsome prince.


            Vegeta rolled his eyes.  “Of course I know that.  But I can get us there faster.”  He let his power free and silently transformed into a super saiyan for the extra speed.


            Bulma gaped in awe at a blonde-haired, teal-eyed Vegeta, and mumbled, “So this is a super saiyan.”


            “What do you think?”


            She twisted in his arms until her mouth was just inches from his ear.  “Honestly, Vegeta,” she whispered lowly, “I think you look damn sexy as a blonde.”


            His gaze fastened on her and the Prince almost smirked at the lust shining in her dark sapphire eyes.  He flew at his maximum speed, with only one goal in mind, getting to a comfortable bed as soon as possible so he could make love to the incredible woman in his arms, his soul mate, all night long.



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