Title:              What Once Was Lost

Author:          Killarri

E-mail:           killarri@yahoo.com

Rating:           R (For language and lemon later)

Summary:      When the last three surviving members of the Saiyan race come to Earth,         what will happen when they go to high school?  A B/V high school fic with a huge twist.

Warnings:      This is an AU!!!!  Vegeta is going to be OOC so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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AN:  All the teacher’s names are really generic.  I’m not good at coming up with original names.



What Once Was Lost


Chapter Two: A Ghost from the Past


            Vegeta groaned as the shrill sound of the alarm clock roused him from a deep sleep.  Sitting up in bed, his thoughts turned to the previous nights dream.  It was a pleasant one, unlike the usual ones pertaining to her death.  But it just made him miss her more and long for the days when he had his best friend by his side.  Sorayu was the only person he could completely relax around.  He could just be himself; not the Saiyan Prince, but just Vegeta.  He could confide anything in her and she wouldn’t mock him or make fun of him.


He snarled suddenly.  It’s been ten years, he thought angrily, why can’t I fucking get over this?  It was over.  Done.  Her death was avenged.  So why was it so hard?  Why did it still feel like a piece of him was missing?


He sighed sleepily climbing out of the bed and into the adjoining bathroom.  He showered quickly and dressed in a plain pair of blue jeans and a baggy black shirt to hide his brown tail.  He yawned making his way down the stairs and into the kitchen where Kakarott was busy devouring the mountain of pancakes in front of him heedless of the chunks of food landing on his face.  Chi Chi and Krillin were also eating although not as much and not nearly as messy.


“Good morning, Vegeta!”  Kakarott chirped happily through the food in his mouth.


Vegeta merely grunted pulling up his own seat at the table.  Throwing a disgusted glance at Kakarott, the Prince started in on his own huge stack of pancakes.


Once the four Saiyans were finished with breakfast, they piled into Krillin’s black Pontiac Sunfire.  With the radio blaring, they raced off to school.  They arrived in front of Orange Star High School (AN: I know lame name, but I couldn’t come up with anything else) fifteen minutes later and climbed out of the car.


“Hey you guys,” Krillin began as the group pushed their way through the large crowd of loud teenagers.  “I want you to meet my girlfriend and her friend.”  He directed them through the busy halls to the section where the seniors had their lockers.


“Guys, this is my girlfriend, 18 Gero.”  Krillin stated indicating a tall blonde girl with icy blue eyes.  That’s Baldy’s girl, Vegeta through incredulously.  “And this is 18’s friend, Bulma Briefs.”


Vegeta’s eyes widened as he took in Bulma’s features.  Her silky aqua hair trailed to the middle of her back.  Her sapphire eyes seemed to shine even in the dully lit hallway.  She smiled as Krillin introduced the Saiyans, first Kakarott, then his harpy mate, and then finally Vegeta himself.


Bulma stared at Vegeta her eyes wide for a long moment.  That boy has the same eyes as the man in my dream, she thought amazed.  It’s just a coincidence, she reminded herself.  Still, she couldn’t help but feel like she knew him from somewhere, although if she’d met him before she would’ve remembered.  It’s not every day you met someone with hair that stood straight up.  Eighteen’s monotone voice broke Bulma from her thoughts.


“What?” She asked having missed what her friend said.


“I asked whose seminar you have this year.”


“Williams.”  Bulma replied flatly.


“Ugh, I feel sorry for you,” 18 replied twirling a strand of chin-length hair around her finger.  “I got Campbell!”


Bulma frowned.  “You’re lucky.  Mrs. Williams is such a bitch.”  The warning bell sounded and everyone said their goodbyes before scurrying off to class.




            Vegeta and Kakarott walked together since they had the same first hour class—Chemistry.  The Prince was silent the whole way lost in thought.  Could it be her, he asked himself.  She looked a lot like Sorayu but Frieza said that he killed her.  It can’t possibly be her, he reassured himself.


Kakarott, in one of his rare observational moments, notice his Prince’s preoccupation and wondered if it had anything to with that blue-haired girl, Bulma.  He was about to ask but they reached their class and he didn’t get the chance.


They walked into class, ignoring the curious glances from the rest of the students, and took seats in the very back of the room.  Their teacher, a middle-aged woman with gray hair and green eyes named Mrs. Smith, went through the normal first day of the year lecture.  With fifteen minutes left in the class by the time it was done, she left them to their own devices and Kakarott saw his chance.


“Hey Vegeta?”  He asked in a low enough voice so no one else could hear.  “Why were you staring at that Bulma girl like that?”


Vegeta growled.  “I wasn’t staring.”  He hissed angrily.


“Whatever.”  The good natured Saiyan sighed.  “It looked like you saw a ghost.”


Vegeta sighed in resignation and mumbled, “Because I practically did see a ghost.”


Kakarott wouldn’t have heard the shorter man’s soft statement except for his enhanced hearing.  He looked at Vegeta in complete bafflement.  He stayed silent though.  He knew Vegeta well enough to know that if he pushed the subject then he’d never get anything out of the Prince.


Vegeta closed his eyes and took a deep breath preparing to tell the story he’d never told anyone about.  “Her name was Sorayu.”  He began slowly and deliberately, his eyes still closed.  While his body was in room 103, his mind was in the royal gardens of Vegetasei, back on that fateful day.  “I was four at the time.  I was hiding from my tutor and I went out to the gardens because it was easy to hide there and it was one of my favorite places in the palace.


“There was this huge pond with about a hundred different species of brightly colored fish and as I walked towards it, I heard someone softly crying.  And there she was, seated at the waters edge with her face buried in her hands weeping.”  Vegeta opened his eyes and was met with Kakarott’s intense gaze, silently urging him to continue with the story.


“Normally, I would’ve made some scathing remark about how weak she was being, but I couldn’t.  Instead, I sat next to her and she looked up startled.  I asked her why she was crying and she said that it was because the kids in her class wouldn’t play with her because she was a freak.  I suppose she was although I never thought that way.  Her hair, eyes, and tail were blue.  I told her what I really thought, that she was beautiful and unique, shocking the hell out of myself.  We sat by that pond for hours just talking and laughing until the sun started to set and she had to leave.  She came back often after that; her mother was a scientist in the science wing and she brought Sorayu with her a lot when she worked.  Anyway, Sorayu and I became best friends.  We did everything together, playing, training, or just plain talking.  She was the first person who cared about me, not just because of my title but because of who I was.”


Vegeta sighed again now completely lost in the memories, “When we were eight, she was sent on a purging mission.  She was only supposed to be gone for about two months, but she never came back and never made it to the other planet.”


He was silent again for a long moment until he questioned, “Do you know how I became the Legendary, Kakarott?”


The other Saiyan slowly shook his head unsure of where his Prince was going with this.  But he wasn’t about to ask and interrupt the man’s story.


“I had been fighting Frieza for a while and I wasn’t doing too well.”  Vegeta chuckled lightly.  “Actually, I was getting my ass kicked.  Frieza started gloating about how he had laughed when he destroyed Vegetasei, how he easily killed my father, and then he told me that he forced my father to send Sorayu on that mission.  That he’d sabotaged the pod, killing her.  At eight years old, Sorayu was the smartest saiyan on the planet, and I the strongest.  If I took her as my mate, then together we could’ve destroyed him.”  He clenched his fists so hard his knuckles began turning white and he ground his teeth in anger.  Growling, he continued, “That lizard took away the only person that ever mattered to me, my soul mate.  I felt this blinding rage and pain in my heart.  It just exploded inside of me.  My aura turned gold, my hair blonde, my eyes teal, and with a Final Flash, I blasted that damned lizard straight to hell.”


Kakarott sat there gaping.  He was absolutely speechless.  He had no idea that Vegeta was actually capable of feeling love or had ever been in love.  And all while he was still a child.  Slowly, Kakarott came back to his senses and realization dawned, “Oh, so that’s why you looked at Bulma like that!”


The Prince nodded, “She looks exactly like Sorayu, except for the tail of course.”


“Well, could it be her?”


Vegeta frowned absently rubbing his chin in thought.  “I don’t know.  Frieza told me that she was dead and he was pretty thorough with things like that.”  But I suppose it’s possible, he thought.  “Kakarott,” He said turning to address the taller man, “I want you to help me keep an eye on her.  If she is a Saiyan, even if she doesn’t know it, then she’ll have similar behavior to us.  You understand?”


Kakarott nodded eagerly as the bell dismissing class rang.  The two Saiyans gathered their things and headed out into the halls for their next class.


“Oh, and Kakarott,” Vegeta began before parting ways with the less-than-bright teenager.  “Don’t tell anyone what I said unless you want to end up with a royal ass beating.”


Kakarott gulped and nodded.  He knew Vegeta wasn’t joking and was more than capable of delivering that ass kicking.  He watched his friend smirk and then turn into another hallway.  Shrugging, he turned and set off to find his next class.



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