Title: What Once Was Lost

Author: Killarri

E-mail: killarri@yahoo.com

Rating: R (For language and lemon later)

Summary: When the last three surviving members of the Saiyan race come to Earth, what will happen when they go to high school? A B/V high school fic with a huge twist.

Warnings: This is an AU!!!! Vegeta is going to be OOC so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Disclaimer: I don’t own DBZ! So don’t sue because you will get nothing! I’m a college student; I’m broke all the time. 


What Once Was Lost 

Chapter Three: A Shadow of a Memory 

Bulma practically sped walked down the hallways anxious to get to her second hour trigonometry class without encountering any of her retarded classmates. Why can’t I just test out of high school, she asked herself adjusting the straps on her backpack. She almost sighed in relief as she spotted her classroom down the hall but it died in her throat as a masculine voice cried out, “Hey Bulma!” 

Slowly turning around, the aqua haired beauty groaned when she noticed a grinning Yamcha in front of her. Oh God, she mentally snarled, I am so not in the mood for this. She crossed her arms over her chest glaring at her ex-boyfriend and asked icily, “What do you want, Yamcha?” 

He looked stunned for a moment, but quickly regained his composure along with his smile. “Hey babe, is that anyway to greet your boyfriend?” 

Bulma ground her teeth together in annoyance. “I am not your girlfriend! I haven’t been your girlfriend since I caught you cheating on me. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to class.” 

She turned to go but stopped as Yamcha grabbed her arm and forced her to face him. “Bulma Babe….” He began but she cut him off. 

“Get your hand off of me.” She hissed angrily her fist clenching at her side. Her blue eyes narrowed dangerously; her cheeks turned red in her anger. 

“Not until you listen to me, Bulma.” Yamcha growled as his grip on her arm tightened but not enough to be painful. I’ve had enough of this shit, she thought punching him hard in his stomach. He let go of her arm and collapsed in pain. 

“Listen and listen well, Yamcha. Don’t talk to me or even come near me or I will hurt you.” Turning on her heel, Bulma practically skipped into Trigonometry with a huge smile on her face. That felt great! 

She took a seat near the back of the room as the bell rang and Mrs. Raines went right into the typical “first day of school” speech. Bulma tuned out the monotone lecture laying her head on the desk and promptly fell asleep. 


“Mama! Mama!” She yelled running into the modest two-story home. Her little legs pumped furiously and tears stung at her cerulean eyes though she was determine to not let them fall. Her petite feet carried her into the kitchen where her mother was busily preparing dinner. 

Her mother turned and smiled her and her warm chocolate brown eyes brightened. “What’s wrong?” She questioned concerned. 

“Mama,” the little girl sniffled, “Am I a freak?” 

The elder woman sighed and sat at the dining room table and pulled her daughter into her lap in a comforting embrace. “No, honey, you’re not a freak. You’re just different and that just make you special. Why do you ask?” 

The blue-haired little girl hiccupped in an attempt to keep the tears inside. She reached a hand up to softly stroke her mother’s jet black spikes. “The other kids in school wouldn’t play with me because they said I’m a freak.” 

Her mother sighed again and spoke gently, “Honey, sometimes when people come across something different they don’t know how to react so they’re mean. Don’t listen to them. You are a very special little girl and you’re going to do great things one day. Don’t let anyone else drag you down. Okay?” 

She smiled and nodded hipping down from her mother’s lap. “Thank you Mama.” 

“Why don’t you go play and I’ll have dinner ready in a few minutes?” 

“Ok, Mama.” She chirped and happily skipped from the room. 


“Miss Briefs!” 

Bulma shot up in her chair slightly disoriented. Glancing around the room, she blushed lightly when she realized that she was in school and fell asleep. She glanced at Mrs. Raines who frowned back. 

“Were you sleeping in my class, Miss Briefs?” Mrs. Raines questioned with her hands on her hips. 

Bulma rolled her blue eyes. Wasn’t that obvious? “No ma’am. I was just resting my eyes.” 

The rest of the class snickered while Mrs. Raines glared at the blue-haired woman. “Well, you can do that in the detention you just earned.” 

Bulma groaned. “Well, that’s a record.” She muttered to herself. Not even two hours and she already had a detention. She heard a low chuckle from behind her and spun around startled to see Vegeta in the seat directly behind hers. He smirked and she quickly turned back around so he wouldn’t see the crimson blush spreading across her cheeks. God, he is so hot, she thought as her mind wondered to his well muscled physique. She couldn’t deny the fact that she was attracted him. Not that he’d be attracted to her. 

She sighed sinking down in her chair attempting to quash that train of thought before it could make her depressed. Instead, her thoughts turned to her most recent dream. Was that a memory? Was that woman with the black spiky hair and dark brown eyes her mother? 

Bulma jumped as she felt a light tap on her shoulder. Looking up, she was met with Vegeta’s obsidian gaze. She gasped, noticing for the second time how his eyes looked like the mystery man’s in last nights foray into the dream world. 

“Woman,” his deep voice rumbled, “the bell rang.” 

“Oh,” Bulma muttered thoroughly embarrassed. He was going to think she was a dork. She hurriedly gathered her things and walked out of the room with Vegeta. 

“What’s your next class, woman?” He questioned pushing through the group of students congregating in the hall. 

“Bulma.” She mumbled digging through her pocket for the lost piece of paper that contained her schedule. 


“My name is Bulma.” She replied finding the white slip. “Let’s see. I have French next.” 

“Room 210?” 

“Yup.” She stole a quick glance at him and noticed that he was staring at her too. Silence descended on the pair as neither was quite sure what to say. It was Vegeta who broke the silence first. “I saw you punch that idiot before class.” 

Bulma shrugged nonchalantly, “The asshole deserved it.” 

Vegeta chuckled. She sure does act like a Saiyan, he thought in amusement. “So who was he?” 

“My ex-boyfriend.” She replied her distaste for Yamcha evident in her tone. Pushing her way into the classroom, Bulma immediately took a desk in the back row as Vegeta sat next to her. Turning to look at the handsome teenager, she explained, “I caught him cheating on me and dumped him. Ever since then, he’s been bugging me to take him back.” 

Vegeta snorted. “Well you certainly handled him, woman.” 

Bulma glared at him her azure eyes flashing dangerously. “My name is Bulma, not woman.” 

The Prince merely smirked at her. It was too much fun to get the woman all riled up. “Whatever you say, woman.” 

“Ugh! You are impossible!” She snapped angrily. It was really annoying how he refused to use her name. It’s not like she was running around calling him “man”. Turning her attention away from the incredibly rude, but undeniably hot, guy sitting next to her, Bulma patiently waited for class to begin. The one-minute bell rang as the stragglers filed into the room. 

She scowled when Yamcha’s familiar form strutted into the room and sat where else but on the other side of her. Is God against me today, she wondered. 

“Hey, babe.” Yamcha said either forgetting their earlier conversation or just plain ignoring it. 

“Fuck. Off. Yamcha.” Bulma hissed through clenched teeth making sure to emphasize each world. Maybe this time he would actually get the message. 

“What the hell is your problem?” 

“You!?” Bulma screamed. “I hate you. I wish you’d just go somewhere and die. Take the fucking hint, asshole.”  

Vegeta snickered loudly on her other side. Bulma ignored him although Yamcha didn’t. 

“You moving in on my girl, shorty?” Yamcha sneered at the short but muscular man sitting on the other side of Bulma. 

Vegeta snorted. “First of all, I wouldn’t disgrace myself as to hit on this harpy and second of all, she isn’t your girl.” 

“Harpy?!” Bulma screamed as she jumped out of her chair. Turning to face the smirking Prince, she growled. “You’re no prize yourself, Mr. Attitude.” 

Vegeta glared at her adopting his familiar pose arms crossed over his chest. “I’m the best looking man in this school, woman.” He stated arrogantly. 

“Whatever, Vegeta.” Bulma turned to face Yamcha with narrowed eyes. “And you,” she yelled, “Get it through your thick head, I am not your girl! I do not want to be your girl! In fact, I’d rather kill myself than be your girl again!” 

A throat clearing at the front of the quiet room gained the trio’s attention. “If you’re done, Miss Briefs,” Mr. Snipes began absently pushing his black rimmed glasses up on his nose, “I’d like to begin class now.” 

“Sorry.” She muttered sheepishly as her cheeks turned a bright crimson for the millionth time that day. “Yup, God hates me,” she mumbled under her breath sinking down in her seat. Ignoring the snickering Vegeta, she thought, only five more classes to go. 


AN: Poor Bulma! Will Yamcha take the hint or will our fiesty blue haired genius have to kick his sorry butt to next Tuesday? Does Vegeta like Bulma? Next time, Bulma has a confrontation with Yamcha and something horrible happens to her. 

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