Title:   What Once Was Lost

Author:   Killarri

E-mail:   killarri@yahoo.com

Rating:           R (For language and lemon later)

Summary:   When the last three surviving members of the Saiyan race come to Earth,         what will happen when they go to high school?  A B/V high school fic with a huge twist.

Warnings:   This is an AU!!!!  Vegeta is going to be OOC so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Disclaimer:     I don’t own DBZ! So don’t sue because you will get nothing!  I’m a college student; I’m broke all the time.



What Once Was Lost


Chapter Five: Bulma Takes On


Her sporty red convertible was completely trashed!  Every single window was busted out, it was completely covered in raw eggs and shaving cream, and all four tires were slashed.  Bulma stared at the remains of her car in total shock.  She didn’t know whether to cry or scream.  Her mind raced as she tried to figure out who would’ve done that to her beautiful car.  “Yamcha,” she growled hatefully.


            Tears welled in her eyes and she clenched her fists at her sides so hard that her nails dug into her skin and blood seeped out of the little half moons.  Her face turned beet red in her rage.  Next to her, she heard Chi Chi mumble something inaudible even to her sensitive ears.  Not that it mattered to her anyway.  The only thing that ran through her mind was how she was going to kill Yamcha.




            Across the parking lot, the three male Saiyans heard Bulma’s enraged yell.  Exchanging confused glances, they hurried across the parking lot to Bulma and her destroyed car.




            Bulma crumbled on to her knees, staring at her car.  It wasn’t fair.  She’d worked hard for that car and now it was gone.  Just because she was from a rich family didn’t mean she didn’t work for anything.  She babysat the neighbor’s bratty spawn for years to save up for that car.  She would get even though.  No one fucked with Bulma Briefs and got away with it.


            “Bulma?”  Chi Chi questioned kneeling on the ground next to her quiet friend.  She gently wrapped her arms around Bulma relieved when she finally began sobbing.  The raven-haired Saiyan held her friend while she cried and mumbled about how hard she had to work for that car.  After several long moments, Bulma’s sobs quieted and she pulled away.


            “Thanks, Chi.”  Bulma said smiling weakly.  She picked herself up off the ground only now noticing the three guys watching the scene uncomfortably.  “Hey, Krillin, can I get a ride home?”


            The bald man solemnly nodded.  If Kakarott and Vegeta felt like he did right now, then Yamcha was going to have hell to pay.  He couldn’t believe Yamcha would stoop so low, all because Bulma had humiliated him.  Oh yes, he promised himself as the five friends piled into his compact car, Yamcha would definitely pay.




            Bulma stalked into Orange Star High School on Monday morning a woman with a mission.  She was going to kick Yamcha’s ass in front of everyone.  She was still seriously pissed although she already had a new car.  She loved her car!  It was more than just a car to her!  It was the first thing that she bought with only her own money.  Money that wasn’t from her parents or her salary at Capsule Corporation.  She worked hard babysitting the two most spoiled children in the world and saved every cent to buy that car.  It was a symbol of her independence from her parents.  Yamcha had no right to destroy it like that even if she did humiliate him in the cafeteria.


            She walked right to her locker, keeping an eye out for the asshole.  She wasn’t even going to give him time to deny it.  There was no one who could stop her from doing this.  Bulma was going to avenge her car!


            Grabbing her books and stuffing them in her backpack, she slammed the locker door shut drawing the stares of more than a few people in the vicinity.  She knew Yamcha well enough to know that he hung out in front of school until the minute bell rang.  Stalking back out the door, she saw Chi Chi approach her.  With one look in Bulma’s smoldering sapphire eyes, the other woman backed away slightly.  Bulma paid no mind as she set to her next task: locating the walking dick.


            Spotting him under an oak tree flirting with a girl, she stomped over in the same direction.  She took no notice when Kakarott, Krillin, 18, and Vegeta stood a few feet away with the wide-eyed Chi Chi.  Yamcha didn’t notice her approach, but the blonde cheerleader he was hitting on did.  She started backing away from the murderous woman just as Bulma reached Yamcha.


            “What’s wrong, Babe?”  Yamcha asked the slowly backing blonde.  He never knew what him when Bulma grabbed his shoulder and spun him.  Throwing her fist forward it connected right with Yamcha’s nose and Bulma smiled when she heard the telltale crack.


            “What the fuck?!”  Yamcha yelled as he grabbed on to his injured nose.  He grimaced when he noticed the blood running down his face.


            Bulma glared at him.  “You know what asshole!  You destroyed my car!  You know how much that car meant to me!”  She threw her fist forward again, this time connecting with his stomach.


            Groaning in pain, Yamcha had to fight to stay upright.  “I did not destroy your car, Bulma!  Why would I do that?”


            “Gee, I don’t know.  Maybe it’s because I almost kicked your ass at lunch.”  Bulma replied sarcastically.  “Well, I’ll be fair,” she began sinking into a defensive stance, “I’ll give you the opportunity to fight fully against me.”  She smirked then, her azure eyes promising pain, “But you won’t win.”


            “We’ll see about that.”  He growled.  Yamcha charged at her his fist aimed with her face.  Bulma easily dodged the punch and aimed a kick at his shin that connected. He almost stumbled but recovered.  Throwing his weight back, he managed to elbow her in the side of the head, but Bulma wasn’t even fazed.  She smiled evilly while landing a blow to his exposed side.


            There was an audience around the combatants now.  Dozens of interested  classmates watched the fight along with Bulma’s friends.  They watched in awe as Bulma landed blow after blow on the inexperienced fighter.


            The two most especially interested in the fight were Kakarott and Vegeta.  It was obvious to them that Bulma had trained; she seemed far too experienced to not have.  It was another thing that was suspect about her.  But neither could still confirm their suspicions.  It was impossible to ask her anything without revealing themselves.


            The fight ended a few moments later when a teacher ran up and pulled Bulma off of Yamcha.  At the end, he had a black eye as well as a broken nose and several cuts and bruises.  She didn’t have a scratch.  Another teacher helped Yamcha to the nurse’s office while Bulma was escorted to the principal’s office.


            Slowly, the other students dispersed and headed off to class.  The five friends stayed behind a moment still shocked.


            “Did Bulma just do that?”  Krillin asked rubbing his bald head sheepishly.


            “Yeah, she did.”  Chi Chi muttered slowly shaking her head.  Sure the asshole deserved every bit of it, but she wasn’t happy that Bulma was going to get suspended for it.


            18 glanced at everyone outright confused.  “Why did she do that?”  She had to go out of town with her parents so she hadn’t talked to any of her friends all weekend.


            “Oh, yeah!  You weren’t here when it happened!”  Chi Chi smacked her forehead lightly with her hand.  Turning to 18, she began.  “We came out of the building Friday and Bulma’s car was completely trashed.  Completely totaled.  So that’s why she kicked his ass.”


            18 chuckled lightly.  “Yamcha should’ve known better than to mess with her car.”


            “Why?  Can’t she just buy a new one?”  Kakarott frowned confused.  Bulma was from one of the richest families on the planet.  She could easily replace it.


            “That’s not the point though.” 18 replied.  “She bought that car completely on her own.  It’s something she’s really proud of.”




            The quintet went back inside parting ways for class.  They would just have to wait until after school to see how much trouble Bulma got into for that.


Vegeta found himself impressed by the woman.  She certainly handled herself like a Saiyan female.  Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad, being friends with her, he mused heading into class for a long boring day.   Especially without the woman.




            Bulma sat smiling smugly as she waited for the principal to see her.  Even though she was going to get suspended now, she didn’t regret one bit of it.  It was so much fun to finally kick Yamcha’s ass.  He’d been begging for it for months now, and ruining her car was the last straw.


            “Mrs. Weston will see you now, Bulma.”


            Bulma glanced at the petite secretary immediately losing the smug smile.  It would just get her in more trouble.  She got up and walked into the small office.  Mrs. Weston sighed waving Bulma in with her hand.  Taking the seat in front of the desk, the blue-haired beauty folded her arms across her chest and waited.


            “Bulma, why in Kami’s name were you beating up Yamcha?”  Mrs. Weston asked softly as she rubbed her temples.


            “He’s been harassing me for months.”  Was the simple reply.


            “There are other ways to solve problems, Bulma.”


            “I know.”


            “You know I’m going to have to suspend you for the rest of the week, right?”


            Bulma nodded.  “I figured as much.”


            “And call your parents.”


            Bulma gasped.  She’d forgotten about that part.  Then she remembered that her parents were out of town until Sunday.  All she’d have to do was make sure she erased the message from the machine before they got back.  “Okay, I understand.”


            Mrs. Weston stood and walked Bulma to the door.  As they reached it, she turned to the teenager.  “You are one of the best students in this school.   Don’t let petty people drag you down with petty problems.  You’re better than that, Bulma.”


            Smiling slightly, Bulma thanked Mrs. Weston and walked out of the office.  Everyone was still in class so the halls were pretty much deserted.  She walked quickly to her locker to get her books.  A throat clearing from behind her got her attention, and she groaned turning around.


            Vegeta smirked at the woman.  “So what kind of trouble did you get in?”


            “Suspended for the rest of the week.”  Bulma replied stuffing various books and binders into her purple back pack.


            “Just to let you know, woman,” he began, “I was quite impressed with your display.  The idiot got what was coming to him.”


            Smiling, she shut her locker door and pulled on the back pack.  “Thanks, Vegeta.  I guess I’ll see you later then.”


            He nodded and walked back to class.  Bulma, on the other hand, walked out of the building and hopped into her new black Mitsubishi Eclipse.  She didn’t really want to go home yet, so she sought refuge in another of her favorite places, the mall.




AN:  LOL I just love Yamcha bashing!  That was so much fun to write!  Anyway, Bulma’s beaten the hell out of Yamcha and our prince has decided to befriend our blue-haired genius.  Next time: An after school trip to the café leads to more as Vegeta begins discovering Bulma’s many secrets.  What secret does he find out?  What is his reaction?


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