Title:   What Once Was Lost

Author:   Killarri

E-mail:   killarri@yahoo.com

Rating:           R (For language and lemon later)

Summary:   When the last three surviving members of the Saiyan race come to Earth,         what will happen when they go to high school?  A B/V high school fic with a huge twist.

Warnings:   This is an AU!!!!  Vegeta is going to be OOC so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Disclaimer:     I don’t own DBZ! So don’t sue because you will get nothing!  I’m a college student; I’m broke all the time.




What Once Was Lost



Chapter Six: The Web Starts to Unravel


            Bulma sighed walking through the packed hallways.  Ever since she beat Yamcha up three weeks ago, the other students hesitated to be around her.  They acted as if she had the plague or something.  She wasn’t the first to get fed up with a guy and kick the shit out of them and she certainly wouldn’t be the last.  Scowling, the blue-haired beauty walked up to her unbelievably small locker and had it open within seconds.  She quickly gathered the books she would need for weekend homework assignments and shut her locker.  Turning to go, she was met with the smiling visages of her best friends.


            “Hey you two!” She exclaimed while rooting through her purse for her favorite sunglasses.  Finally finding them, she slipped them on top of her head and smiled.  “So, what’s up?”


            “We’re going to the café with the guys for a while?  You want to come?”  18 questioned.  Sensing her friend’s hesitation, she smiled and added, “Vegeta will be there.”


            Bulma smiled and blushed lightly.  Both of her friends noticed her obvious crush on the surly teenager.  Thank Kami that he hadn’t.  Glancing at her watch, Bulma shrugged.  “Why not.” She mumbled and the three of them headed outside.  Pushing the door open, Bulma said, “I can’t stay long though.  I have somewhere to be at 4:30.”


            18 nodded in understanding.  Bulma had meetings and things like that sometimes to help out her overworked father.  “I was thinking that we could all go to the club tonight.”  The blonde remarked as the three of them crossed the street.


            “Oooh!  That sounds fun!” Chi Chi squealed.


            “What time does your thing get over with Bulma?”


            The teenage woman bit her lip in thought.  “About 8:00 or 8:30.”  Her friend wouldn’t be happy to cut their session short, but if she begged enough, he would cave.  The blue-haired woman chuckled lightly.  He always had a soft spot for her, but if asked he would deny it.


            “So let’s all meet at Bulma’s at 9:30.”  18 said as they walked into the small café.  Kakarott, Krillin, and Vegeta were already seated in a circular booth in the back doing what else but eating.  The blonde sighed in exasperation as the three women made their way to the booth and slipped in.  It wasn’t as if they’d been starved all day or anything.  At least Krillin and Vegeta were neat when they ate, unlike Kakarott who got food all over himself, the table, and those next to him, usually Chi Chi.  Throwing a disgusted look at Kakarott, she sat next her boyfriend.  Saiyans and their appetites, she thought in amusement.


            Bulma slid into the booth between Chi Chi and 18 while nervously checking her watch.  It was 4:15 now, so if she wanted to make it on time she would have to leave soon.  She already would be late if she drove there.


            “Krillin,” 18 started stealing a few fries from her boyfriend’s overloaded plate, “We want to go to the club tonight.”


            The short man shrugged, “Sounds good to me.”  Turning to his two friends, he questioned, “How about you guys?”


            The other two Saiyans answered without pausing in their eating, Kakarott by way of a nod and Vegeta a shrug.  Turning back to his girlfriend, Krillin smiled and leaned forward to place a light kiss on her forehead.


            Bulma smiled and checked her watch again.  She sighed discovering it was already five minutes later than last time.  She really wanted to hang out with her friends, but she couldn’t bail out on her friend.  Oh well, she thought crabbing her purse and backpack, it’s not like I won’t see them tonight.  “Sorry guys,” she said standing from her seat, “I have a meeting to go to.”


            “Nine-thirty, Bulma.” 18 drawled. 


            Bulma rolled her eyes.  It was a true statement, though.  She could never get anywhere on time.  “I’ll be ready on time.”  Bulma smiled and unconsciously tucked a stray strand of aqua hair behind her ear when her gaze met Vegeta’s.  “See you guys later!”  She turned and practically ran from the café.


I’m late, I’m late, her mind chanted as she ran out the door.  (AN: Sounds like Alice in Wonderland, huh?) Cursing the lack of time, she realized that her car had to be left at school.  There wasn’t enough time to take it.  Once she was a few blocks away, she glanced around.  The streets were pretty deserted.  Odd, for the time of day but Bulma shrugged it off as her body lifted into the air.


Bulma flew as fast as she could towards the woodland place.  Her mentor always met her in the woods.  Bulma snorted in amusement.  Of course, he would be at home there.  She checked her watch again and scowled.  She should’ve just gone home instead of going to the café with her friends, but she couldn’t help it.  She never had any friends until 18 came along in sixth grade.  When Krillin and 18 started dating in eighth grade her friend count increased to two.  But now she had three new friends too.  And for the first time in her life, Bulma felt happy.  As long as they didn’t find out what she was, she would have friends.


Bulma shook herself out of her thoughts as the familiar landscape came into view.  Setting herself down on a rolling green hill, a gruff voice called out from behind her, “You’re late!”




            Kakarott smiled and settled back in his chair.  They were finally done eating.  This place had really good food way better than that school cafeteria crap.  He glanced over at his mate to find her deeply in conversation with 18.  She is so beautiful, he thought watching her chat excitedly with the other girl about clothes or something.  He couldn’t remember her being this happy, even on Vegetasei.  And to be honest with himself, he was happier on Earth too.


            “Kakarott, I need to have a word with you.”  The softly spoken voice at his side made him jumped startled out of his thoughts.  He nodded blankly and followed Vegeta out of the café and around the corner.  Wow, the tall sayian thought in amusement, usually if he wants to know something he asks me when we’re sparring.  He smiled.  It had to be something pretty big, and he had a feeling what it was.


            He waited patiently while Vegeta opened and closed his mouth several times until he finally blurted out, “How good of friends are you with the woman?”


            Kakarott slipped into retarded mode, on purpose this time, and cluelessly asked, “What woman?”  Internally he was laughing at the prince.  It was too much fun to see the normally stoic prince unnerved.


            Vegeta rolled his eyes.  “The Woman, you idiot.”


            Kakarott smirked, “You mean Bulma?”


            “Yes!  I mean Bulma!” Vegeta cried out in exasperation.  He was known for many things his impatience being one of them.  And Kakarott was certainly grating on his nerves.


            “Why?”  Kakarott asked smiling.  “You like her?”


            “Is it that obvious?”


            Kakarott shook his head.  “No, not to everyone.”  Winking at his friend, he replied cheerfully, “Don’t worry, 18 and Chi Chi both told me that she likes you.”


            “Really?”  There was no mistaking the hope in Vegeta’s voice and Kakarott’s grin grew wider.


            “Yeah,” he replied, “she told them so herself.  They wanted me to see if you did.”


            Walking back to the café, Kakarott asked, “Do you want to spar before we go out tonight?”


            Vegeta thought the request over for a moment before shaking his head.  “No, I’m going to go mediate for a while.”


            “Ok.  See you later.”  Kakarott turned and walked back into the café.  Sitting at the table, he grinned running through the conversation again.  His mate threw him a curious glance to which he asked, “What?”


            “What was that all about?”


            “Nothing.”  He said simply relived when she merely shrugged and turned back to 18.  With Vegeta, anything they talked about was private, and the prince would be pissed if he told any of that to their friends. Yup, he decided chuckling softly, Vegeta’s got it bad.




            His dark ebony gaze swept the street.  Since no one was around, he lifted off into the air and headed south to the uninhabited island that he found.  Vegeta was a very reclusive person by nature and often needed solitude away from other people.  It was a good place to train, or meditate, or hunt.  He, like all saiyans, instinctually loved to hunt, and would hunt frequently when frustrated.  The particular island he found offered several species of large game, one of the many reasons he chose it.


            As he flew over the deep blue ocean, his mind wandered over the conversation with Kakarott.  Bulma liked him?  The Saiyan Prince smirked in satisfaction.  He would have to make a move soon then.  Maybe at the club tonight.  Even if she wasn’t a Saiyan, she was still amazing.   Beautiful, smart, and strong willed she was everything that he wanted.  Well, I’m not going to lose this one too, he thought with determination.  Definitely, tonight.


            His flight stopped in midair as his enhanced senses picked up on a familiar ki, a lot higher than it should be.  “What the hell?”  He asked aloud, turning in midair to the east.  It was Bulma, but how in the hell was it so high?  He landed some distance away from the spot her ki was emanating, and suppressed his ki.  Pushing his way through tree branches and thick underbrush, he slowly made his way toward her.


The dense forest gave out to clearing where Bulma stood in defensive stance, her clothes dirty and torn in a few places.  She was breathing heavily and glaring at her green skinned companion.  He wore a white turban and cape over a purple fighting gi and he was also on guard as he stood off against his opponent.  Vegeta made sure to keep unseen and lowered his ki as he navigated to a point where he could hear their conversation.


            “Come on, Piccolo!”  Bulma huffed.  “I said I’m sorry.  What more do you want?”


            “Oh, I don’t know,” he replied sarcastically.  “How about for you to take your training seriously and be on time for once?”


            The blue haired woman rolled her eyes at her teacher.  “I’m sorry, Piccolo.  I was just with my friends and lost track of time.  It won’t happen again.”


            The one she called Piccolo snorted.  “Yeah, right.  You couldn’t be on time to save your life.”


            Vegeta snickered silently behind the trees.  That woman was late everywhere she went.  He listened intently to the conversation amused when he heard the woman growl.


            “Are we going to spar before I’m middle aged?”  She teased, attempting to rile up her stoic teacher.  He grinned exposing his sharp white teeth.


            The green skinned man flew at her unexpectedly aiming at her head but didn’t connect as she passed out of view.  Reappearing behind him, she landed a blow to his exposed ribs.  He grit his teeth turning to meet his student and quickly let a small ki ball lose, not enough to injure but enough to throw her off guard.  She stumbled back, slightly off balance, and the teacher took advantage of the opportunity, raining blows down on her, keeping her off balance.  Some she managed to avoid or block but most penetrated inflicting a little damage.


            Using the only escape route possible, Bulma quickly took to the air.  She floated with her arms outstretched at the side and began gathering her ki.  Her aqua hair whipped around wildly as the bright blue of her ki engulfed her delicate hands.  Pulling her arms from her sides, she cupped them in front of her and yelled, “Blue fire!”  The blast she released was powerful enough to decimate a small planet, and Vegeta watched in absolute awe as it sailed towards her opponent.  The green skinned man deflected the blast and it sailed harmlessly through the air.


            Bulma lowered herself to the ground panting heavily.  Once she caught her breath, she smiled at her teacher.  “See?  I’m getting better.”


            He simply grunted in reply.  Bulma glanced at her watch and was shocked when she realized it was almost eight.  “Um, Piccolo?”  She asked sheepishly.  “Can we call it a night?  I’m going out with my friends tonight.”


            He crossed his arms over his chest and glared at her.  “We’ve only been out here for a few hours.”  He pointed out gruffly.


            Bulma stuck her lower lip out into a pout, “Please?”


            He sighed.  Damn her.  “Oh fine, but next time we’re going to work twice as hard.  Got it?”


            She smirked.  “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”  She quickly gathered her things and turned to leave.  “See you later!”  She called before taking off in the direction of Capsule Corporation.  Piccolo stared after her retreating form shaking his head for a moment before taking to the air in the opposite direction.


            Vegeta emerged from the trees thoughtful.  This was an interesting development.  Bulma trained, which in and of itself wasn’t a big surprise.  He knew she trained from the day she kicked Yamcha’s sorry behind.  What was a surprise, however, was that she knew of ki, knew how to control it and use it.  She was worthy, he decided taking to the air.  Tonight, he would make his move.  Smiling, the Saiyan Prince sped up anxious to get home.  He still had to get ready for his evening.



AN:  I tried writing this chapter several times, and I didn’t like any of them. In the end, this is the version I settled on, but I’m still not too happy with it.  Maybe I’ll revise it again later.  Anyway to recap:  Bulma trains with Piccolo, Vegeta saw that, they like each other, and Vegeta’s going to make his move at the club.  So what’ll happen when the teenagers have a night out at the night club?


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