Title:   What Once Was Lost

Author:   Killarri

E-mail:   killarri@yahoo.com

Rating:           R (For language and lemon later)

Summary:   When the last three surviving members of the Saiyan race come to Earth,         what will happen when they go to high school?  A B/V high school fic with a huge twist.

Warnings:   This is an AU!!!!  Vegeta is going to be OOC so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Disclaimer:     I don’t own DBZ! So don’t sue because you will get nothing!  I’m a college student; I’m broke all the time.



What Once Was Lost



Chapter Seven:  The Kiss



            Bulma stepped out of the shower wrapping one fluffy towel around her body and another around her hair.  Padding into her bedroom, she pulled open the large closet doors pondering what outfit she should wear.  She wanted to look good since a certain flame-haired friend was going to be there but she still had to keep her tail concealed.  Finally settling on a pair of black flare jeans and an oversized blue sweater, she dressed quickly and applied sparse make up.  Less was more.  With only a small amount of blue eye shadow and red lipstick, she looked more mature than her eighteen years.


            A quick glance at the clock confirmed that Chi Chi and 18 would be there at to get her at any moment.  She went downstairs to wait for them, sitting on the couch in the living room.  She channel surfed in complete boredom a couple of minutes until a horn blared outside.  Grabbing her purse on the way out, she locked up the house and climbed into 18’s red Honda Civic.


            “Hey guys!”  She greeted taking in each girl’s attire.  18 wore a jean skirt that ended a couple of inches before her knees and black spaghetti strapped tank top.  Her blonde hair was adorned with sparkly butterfly clips.  Chi Chi wore a pair of faded jeans that hugged her body and a loose silver blouse.  Her normally long spiky hair ran down her back in a single braid.


            “You guys look good.”  Bulma commented as she nervously tugged at the end of her sweater.


            “Thanks.”  18’s cool monotone replied.  “You do too.”


            Chi Chi’s brown eyes snapped to the rear view mirror.  “Gee, I wonder who she’s trying to impress.”


            18 laughed in the driver’s seat.  “Vegetable Head!”


            Bulma’s face took on an unusually red tint.  “Come on you guys!”  She whined.  “You guys already know this, so quit giving me shit about it.”


            Both of her friends laughed.  “Oh alright, Bulma!”  18 replied through her giggles.  “You win, we’ll leave you alone.”


            “Finally!”  Bulma muttered as the car stopped.    Climbing out of the car, the three girls smiled at each other and walked into the packed night club.




            The Rainbow Room was one of the best night clubs in the city, so it wasn’t a surprise to see that the place was crowded.  The first floor was a huge dance floor with various laser and strobe lights shining around the room.  The second floor held the bar with tables and chairs strewn about.


            They found the guys already occupying a large table towards the back of the room.  And big surprise, they were eating although it appeared Kakarott was actually attempting to get it all in his mouth for once. 


            “Hey Chi!  You look gorgeous.”  Kakarott breathed out standing to embrace his mat.  Chi Chi smiled and took the empty seat next to him.


            Krillin’s jaw dropped open in shock as he gazed at his beautiful girlfriend.  How the hell did a short saiyan with no nose get so lucky?  Whatever it was he certainly wasn’t about to question it.  He rose from his chair pulling the empty one next to his out for her.  She accepted the gesture with a smile and leaned forward to place a light kiss on his forehead.


            The butterflies in Bulma’s stomach started doing somersaults when she realized the only empty seat was next to Vegeta.  She sat and smiled sweetly at him.  He looked so hot in his button up blue shirt and black cargo pants.


            The music from downstairs changed as Pink’s “Most Girls” came on.  Chi Chi stood pulling her mate to his feet.  “Come on.  Let’s dance.”  She said dragging him downstairs.


            Krillin chuckled extending a hand to his girlfriend.  “Come on Baldy.”  She mumbled as they too headed to the dance floor.


            Nervously, Bulma stole a glance at the man sitting next to her.  His fingers absently tapped the table top and his gaze was fixed on some random point on the wall.  So I like him, she thought.  It wasn’t a big deal.  Sighing, she wondered idly if Kakarott had even had the chance to ask him.  She wouldn’t be so nervous if she knew whether or not he liked her.


            “Woman,” Vegeta’s gruff voice broke into her thoughts.  She turned her head to him and lost herself in those intense ebony orbs.  “Let’s dance.”  Her eyes widened in surprise and she nodded mutely.


            They walked on to the crowded dance floor as Nelly’s “Hot in Here” began to play.  Bulma had never really danced before and she gulped nervously.  When Vegeta’s hands came to rest on her hips, she stiffened closing her eyes.


            “Relax, woman.”  His deep voice purred in her ear.  “Just lose yourself in the music.”


            “You know,” She began her blue eyes opening to regard him, “it wouldn’t kill you to call me by my name.”


            Vegeta smirked and she felt her knees go weak.  Why was that damn smirk so sexy?  “Actually, I think it might.”


            Bulma rolled her eyes, but did not respond instead losing herself in the music as he suggested.  Her hips swayed to the beat as she started to get in it.  Cerulean eyes locked onto obsidian ones and the rest of the world fell away.  The only thing that existed was Vegeta, his hot breath on the skin of her neck and his sweet musk invaded her nostrils.


            She lost all track of time as they danced.  Though it seemed like minutes, it was actually more like a couple of hours.  Cursing her brilliant idea of wearing a sweater, they finally gook a break and Bulma headed outside to get a breath of fresh air.


            It was a fairly cool night out, the light breeze made it feel even cooler.  She leaned against the well and sighed closing her eyes.  Dancing with Vegeta had been wonderful.  Who knew Mr. Grouchy could be such a good dancer?  She was falling for him.  And that idea scared her.  Bulma had never been in love, not even with Yamcha, and it wasn’t smart to fall for someone as closed off and unreadable as Vegeta.  She frowned slightly weighing her options.  Option one: she could tell him how she felt about him and risk rejection, or option two: she could keep it to herself and never know if he felt the same way or not.  She sighed heavily sliding down the wall until she was sitting down.


            The sound of a throat clearing nearby startled her and her blue eyes snapped open.  Vegeta sat down next to her with his arms on his knees and his head against the wall.


            “You hot?”  Bulma asked breaking the silence.


            “Yeah.”  He mumbled meeting her intense cerulean gaze.


            She lost herself in those bottomless black irises.  There was something big hovering between them, and she could feel it.  Their faces drifted closer until there was an inch between their lips.  She was standing on the precipice of something new.  Something that could be wonderful or could go horribly wrong.  Her head wanted one outcome while her heart desperately wanted another.  Closing her eyes, she followed her heart and leaned forward brushing her lips against his in a soft kiss.


            The second their lips met Bulma could feel the electricity between them. Pressing herself against him, she parted her lips inviting him access.  As their tongues intertwined, he drew her frame into his lap wrapping his arms around her waist.


            She moaned as their tongues caressed each other.  It was the most amazing kiss she had ever experienced, and she never wanted it to end.  Being in Vegeta’s arms felt so right.  His hand stroked her back lulling her into an intoxicated lust-filled state.  She was so into their kiss she didn’t know where his hand was until it was too late.  Her eyes flew open as his hand brushed her tail through the sweater’s bulky material.  Oh shit, she screamed mentally and shot up off of his lap.


            “I…uh...” she stammered desperately searching for an exit.  “It’s late.  I need to get home.”  He looked confused but didn’t say anything as she practically ran away from him.


            Bulma walked a couple of blocks clearing her mind from the lust induced stupor.  “Oh Kami,” she sighed, “That was amazing.”  He was so tender and passionate during their kiss.  Her cerulean eyes scanned the street and seeing no one she let her ki surround her levitating into the air.  She flew around going no where in particular, thankful for the opportunity to clear her mind.


            The only thing left to do, she decided, is to tell him everything.  Reveal herself to him and hope that he would handle it okay.  Decision made, Bulma felt a lot better.  She turned to fly home when a bright light grabbed her attention.  Looking up, her eyes widened as she took in the sight of the full moon.


            She tried averting her gaze but it was too late.  Her muscles and bones expanded and she screamed in pain.  Her normally creamy white skin began growing what looked to be blue fur.  Her facial shape changed as she developed a snout and large fangs.  Her hands balled to together as she still fought to resist the change.  As her mind succumbed to the carnal instincts devouring her, the final coherent thought was how happy she was to be in an isolated area.



AN:  I know, it’s kind of short, but next chapter will be longer.  I had to stop it there though.  Next time:  Will anyone be able to stop the rampaging oozaru?  Vegeta is about to get the shock of his life!

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