Title:   What Once Was Lost

Author:   Killarri

E-mail:   killarri@yahoo.com

Rating:           R (For language and lemon later)

Summary:   When the last three surviving members of the Saiyan race come to Earth,         what will happen when they go to high school?  A B/V high school fic with a huge twist.

Warnings:   This is an AU!!!!  Vegeta is going to be OOC so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Disclaimer:     I don’t own DBZ! So don’t sue because you will get nothing!  I’m a college student; I’m broke all the time.



What Once Was Lost



Chapter Eight: I Remember You



            Vegeta blinked, twice.  What the hell had happened?  One moment Bulma was in his arms and in the next, she was gone.  Why was there a hint of fear swimming in her azure depths?  What was she so afraid of?  Rejection maybe?  That didn’t make sense though.  He had clearly wanted her.  So what was it?


            He sighed and stood up.  Looking at the brick building of the Rainbow Room, he hesitated.  Did he even really want to go back in?  The idea of spending the remainder of the evening surrounded by noisy weaklings wasn’t too appealing.  No, he would go to his island and maybe even get that meditation time in that he’d missed earlier.


            He took off into the air in a burst of ki and watched as the city grew smaller to the point where the buildings looked like tiny dots.  The lights of the city gave way to rolling green hills and lush green forest, but Vegeta wasn’t paying any attention.  His mind was occupied with only one thing, Bulma.


            The female species was an enigma but the blue haired vixen was the strangest of them all.  He replayed the moment over and over again in his mind but still could not see what went wrong.  Maybe she didn’t like him.  But then why was there fear in her eyes?


            When he finally arrived on the island, he touched down silently on the beach.  Remembering that tonight was the full moon, Vegeta purposely turned his back on the glowing orb.  Although he had full control over his transformed state, there wasn’t much point of transforming if he couldn’t give into the primal urge to destroy.  He sat on the white sand and closed his eyes, enjoying the cool breeze that was coming in off the water.


            Vegeta couldn’t deny it to himself any longer.  He was in love with her.  He had to tell her the truth about his heritage.  She had to know what he was.  But how do I tell her?  He wondered as he lay down on the beach.  The rhythmic crashing of the waves and the gentle breeze rustling the leaves almost lulled him to sleep.  But the nagging question in his mind kept him awake.  How was he going to tell her?


            He shot into a sitting position as, for the second time that night, Bulma’s ki grew into unbelievable proportions.  Even higher than her training session earlier.  “What the hell is going on?”  He wondered aloud lifting off into the air.  Something had to be wrong.  With that thought, Vegeta soundlessly powered up to Super Saiyan pouring on the speed to reach her.


            At the sight of a blue Oozaru, he nearly fell out of the sky in shock.  Bulma was a Saiyan!  She was Sorayu!  The happiness that the last thought invoked was replaced, however, by dread as he remembered the rampaging oozaru on his hands.  There were two ways to deal with this, destroy the light source, in this case the moon, or cut of her tail.  Of the two options, he quickly chose the first and rose higher into the air.  With his right arm directly outstretched in front of him, the Saiyan Prince gathered his ki into a huge blast.  “Final flash!”  He screamed releasing the ball of energy careful to keep his gaze slightly averted from the target.  The blast sailed up until it stuck the moon and it exploded with a flash so bright the night appeared to be day for a moment.


            The blue monkey’s form quickly returned to Bulma’s as her body fell from the sky.  He dove and caught her, cradling her now nude form in his arms.  She was unconscious from the change and as he took off to her home he suspected she would be out for a while.  Oozaru transformations always took a while to recover from, especially if the saiyan didn’t change often.  The less you transformed the harder it was on the body.


            As he flew, Vegeta tenderly looked at the unconscious woman in his arms.  It was almost too good to be true.  This woman he’d fallen in love with was Sorayu.  She truly was his soul mate.  She was perfect for him in everyway.  Smiling slightly, he landed softly on her balcony and was relieved upon discovering the balcony door unlocked.


            He laid her on the bed gently and dressed her in a pair of sweat pants and a white t-shirt.  Once she was dressed, Vegeta pulled the covers over her and settled down in a chair across the room to wait.




            “You’re nothing but a freak!”  The elder boy taunted with his fist upraised as if to strike.  “Why would we want to play with you loser?”


            “I am not a freak.”  Sorayu hissed through tightly clenched teeth. All she wanted to do was play their game and they wouldn’t let her.  The other kids acted like they would catch her coloring or something.


            “Look at you!”  The ten year old boy yelled.  “Your hair!  Your eyes!  Your tail!”

He glared at the four year old girl.  “You’re a freak.”


            “I am not a freak!”  Sorayu yelled.  She could beat him up.  She was way stronger than him.  But she’d promised her mama that she wouldn’t fight in school anymore.  She finally gave up on the boy and ran from the school yard as fast as her little legs could take her.


            She ran for a while and never took notice of her surroundings until she found herself in the most exquisite garden.  Gardens were rare and cherished so she could only be one place, the palace.


            Sorayu’s unusual cerulean eyes darted from side to side, looking for palace guards.  Not spotting any, she shrugged and continued exploring.  Sorayu explored every flower and tree with a childlike curiosity coupled with a scientific drive to learn about everything.


            She gasped in surprise when she saw a huge pond surrounded by tall grass.  The pond itself was swarming with hundreds of vibrantly colored fish.  She ran to the pond and examined every kind of fish could, the big red ones with antennae, the small silver ones some as small as her pinkie finger.  Sorayu sighed.  Why couldn’t her life be like those fish?  They were rare and beautiful because of their different coloring, but she was ostracized from society because of hers.


            It wasn’t fair.  It wasn’t her fault that she was different.  She was just born that way.  She wanted to be accepted, by her classmates, by society in general.  The young girl buried her head in her hands and sobbed.  All she wanted was a friend. Just one.  Why couldn’t she find that?


            She felt something next to her and she turned startled to see a boy, the same age as her with upswept ebony spikes and a very prominent widow’s peak.  Her watery azure orbs met obsidian ones and for the first time in Sorayu’s young life, she felt a connection to someone.


            “Why are you crying, girl?”  He questioned his face a mask that kept all emotion locked away.


            Sorayu sniffled and hastily wiped the tear streaks from her chubby cheeks.  “Because no one likes me.”




            She looked up at him confused.  Couldn’t he tell why they didn’t like her?  “Because I’m a freak.”  She answered simply.  It was the truth after all.


            “No you’re not.”


            Sorayu’s jaw dropped.  The only other person to tell her that was her mother, and this boy she didn’t even know was saying it.  “But I am,” she stated sadly.  “Look at me.  My coloring’s all wrong.”


            “Yes.” A pause.  “But you’re not a freak.”


            Sorayu’s eyes widened in shock.  He didn’t think she was a freak, the first person besides her mother to think that way. Once she recovered, Sorayu smiled sweetly and stuck out her hand.  “My name’s Sorayu.  What’s yours?”


            He smirked eyeing her hand.  “Prince Vegeta.”


            “You’re the prince?”  Sorayu asked wide eyed.  She heard that Prince Vegeta was mean, so why was he being so nice to her?


            He rolled his eyes.  “I wouldn’t have said it if I wasn’t, girl.”


            “My name is Sorayu.”


            Vegeta laughed.  “I’ll call you what I want to, girl.”


            The blue haired sayian stood up and her blue tail whipped around behind her.  “My name,” she hissed, “is not girl.  It is Sorayu.”


            “Whatever you say, girl.”


            “UGH!”  Sorayu threw her hands up in frustration.  Stalking off angrily, she didn’t notice the prince follow her until he was walking along side her.


            “So, how old are you?”


            Sorayu eyed the young prince suspiciously.  “Why are you being so nice?”


            Vegeta shrugged.  “How old are you?”  He repeated.


            Sorayu rolled her eyes.  She shouldn’t have expected him to actually answer her question.  “Four.”  Returning to her previous question, she asked, “So why?”


            He shrugged again.  “I don’t know.  Something’s telling me to be nice to you.”


            She stopped and stomped her foot angrily.  “Then why won’t you call me by my name?”


            Vegeta locked eyes with her for a moment before smirking.  “To make you mad.”


            “Why?!” She cried.


            “Because you’re pretty when you’re mad.”


            Sorayu blushed as all the anger left her in the wake of his quiet admission.  Unsure of what to say, she just smiled and started walking again pleased when he continued to walk with her.  “Hey Vegeta?” she began nervously.  “Do you want to be my friend?”


            He nodded.  “I haven’t had a friend before.”


            Sorayu smiled at him extending her hand again.  “Neither have I.  Friends?”


            Vegeta took her hand and shook it once before quickly letting go.  “Friends.”




Cerulean eyes softly fluttered open the mind behind them rapidly trying to solve the riddles left by this last dream.  She’d dreamt of Vegeta, as a child.  Was that a memory?  Bulma gasped softly as another image from her dream asserted itself.  She had a name.  She knew her name!


            She shot up in the bed and noticed the man in her chair sleeping.  As if sensing her intense stare, he awoke slowly glancing wildly around his surroundings before his eyes finally came to rest on her.  Her cerulean eyes welled with tears and she whispered, “I remember you.”


            It was said so softly he wouldn’t have heard it if it weren’t for his enhanced senses.  Hope dawned in his eyes as he asked, just as quietly, “What?”


            “I remember you.”  Bulma smiled through her tears.  “You told me I wasn’t a freak.  I remember my name.”  She paused and then whispered reverently, “I remember my name.”


            Vegeta stood from his chair and walked across the room stopping at the foot of the bed.  “What is it?”






AN:  Mysteries finally revealed.  Bulma is the missing blue-haired sayian.  So what happens now?  Next time: Bulma and Vegeta have a long talk and the rest of the gang hears the news.


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