Title:              What Once Was Lost

Author:          Killarri

E-mail:           killarri@yahoo.com

Rating:           R (For language and lemon later)

Summary:      When the last three surviving members of the Saiyan race come to Earth,         what will happen when they go to high school?  A B/V high school fic with a huge twist.

Warnings:      This is an AU!!!!  Vegeta is going to be OOC so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Disclaimer:     I don’t own DBZ! Although, if I did, I would make Yamcha dress in drag and sing “I Feel Pretty” for shits and giggles.  Lucky for him, I don’t.



What Once Was Lost


Chapter Nine: Answers



            The room was absolutely silent as his mind processed the information.  If the sight of an oozaru Bulma wasn’t confirmation enough, she actually remembered their first meeting.  The woman he had unwillingly fallen in love with was actually his childhood friend.  A rare real smile graced his face as he looked at the woman on the bed, not just as Bulma but as his Sorayu.


            Bulma fidgeted nervously as the silence between them deepened.  What if she was wrong and that wasn’t a memory and instead just a dream?  He would probably think she was insane.  Maybe she was.  Her anxiousness grew with each passing moment and when a smile crept on to his face, Bulma sighed in relief.


            She had a whole life that she didn’t remember and in front of her was the person who could fill in the blanks. She would finally get answers the questions that plagued her mind since waking up all those years ago to find herself in the home of the eccentric scientist and his ditzy wife.


            “Could you tell me?”  She asked softly.  Looking down at the green and blue patchwork quit, she frowned.  “I don’t remember much,” she began, “and I’m not sure if they’re memories or dreams.  I remember you and a dark haired woman who I think is my mother.”


            “They’re memories.”  Vegeta replied softly as he sat on the bed next to her.  He stretched his legs out and rested his back on the wooded headboard.  Closing his eyes, he quietly began his tale, “You are Sorayu, a Saiyan from the planet Vegetasei, daughter of Kylara, the planets head scientist, and Sukasshu (AN: I used the following link to the best online Japanese-English dictionary on the internet, in my humble opinion, http://poets.notredame.ac.jp/cgi-bin/jedi-inon, to look that up.  It means squash or at least it’s supposed to.) an elite warrior.”


            Bulma gasped in surprise and Vegeta’s snapped open to silently regard her.   “I’m an alien?”  She muttered in shock.  Now things were starting to make sense.  “I always knew I wasn’t normal, but I never thought I was from another planet.”


            “Besides the two of us, Kakarott, Chi Chi and Krillin are also Saiyans.”


            “What?!”  Bulma shrieked jumping off of the bed.  “Krillin’s one too?”  She’d known him for years and never once thought there was more to him than the sweet little guy who made her laugh.  Shaking her head in a daze, she stumbled back to sit on the bed again. “So let me guess,” she began, “the appetite, tail, strength, fast healing ability, and turning into a giant monkey at the full moon are all from being a Saiyan?”


            “What appetite?”  He questioned.  “I’ve never seen you eat as much food as the rest of us.”


            Bulma laughed lightly.  “I noticed that my appetite wasn’t normal when I was a kid.  In school, I only eat as much as everyone else and when I get home my mom has a huge lunch ready for me.”


            As if on cue, Bulma’s stomach rumbled loudly punctuating the sentence, and she blushed lightly.  “I didn’t eat much yesterday.”  She quickly explained.  Rising from the bed, she stretched a little feeling the soreness in her muscles from the previous night’s transformation.  Her blue tail swung in the air behind her, and she smiled.  “I’ll make some breakfast for us while we talk.”


            Vegeta eyed her suspiciously.  “Are you sure you can cook?”


            Bulma rolled her eyes.  “Yes,” she snapped, “I wouldn’t survive when my parents go out of town if I couldn’t.”  Vegeta shrugged and followed her out of her room and downstairs into the kitchen where she set about the task of preparing the enormous meal.


            “So what happened last night anyway?”  She asked after several minutes.  “All I remember is looking up at the moon.”


            “I felt your ki.”  He answered casually leaning against the refrigerator.  “I wasn’t far away so I got there within minutes and destroyed the moon.”


            Bulma gasped and dropped the metal spatula from her hand and onto the floor.  “You destroyed the moon?”


            “It was either that or cut off your tail.”  He shuddered at the thought of ever losing his tail.  It wasn’t just the pain of losing a tail; it was more than that.  It was part of their pride, a part of being a Saiyan.


            Bulma smiled widely as she realized that he blew up the moon rather than cause her pain.  “Thank you.”  She said softly before turning back to the sizzling bacon on the stove.  “It doesn’t matter that much anyway,” she began, “Piccolo and I can bring it back with the dragon balls.”


            “Piccolo?”  Vegeta questioned as the name set a spark of recognition in the back of his mind and then faded.


            “He’s my sensei.”  Bulma explained quietly.  “When I was ten, I went to compete in the World Martial Arts Tournament just for fun.  I knew I was strong for my age, but since I would be competing against adults, I didn’t think I would get very far.  I made it to the final round surprisingly and fought Piccolo in the championship.  After a long hard battle, I finally landed outside the ring.  He asked to train me and we’ve been friends ever since.”


            “I saw you yesterday.”  He mumbled watching her move around the kitchen preparing the massive amount of food needed to sate two hungry Saiyans (AN: For some reason I kept thinking about that board game Hungry, Hungry Hippos when I was writing that.  LOL I could just see them making a game like that with Goku but enough of my meaningless babble).  Her path halted in the middle of the kitchen and she turned to him her cerulean eyes swimming with confusion.  “I saw you training with him.”


            She gasped in surprise.  How the heck did he find her?  “How?”  Bulma questioned quietly turning back to the gargantuan meal she was preparing.


            Vegeta smirked at her back.  “I felt your ki, woman.  It was a lot higher than normal so I decided to investigate.”


            “Oh.”  She muttered over her shoulder as her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.  She never knew that there other people besides Piccolo and herself that could sense peoples ki.  Although, if he could sense ki, then that meant that he trained.  And if he trains, she thought as a wide grin spread across her face, then I could probably get him to spar with me.  Piccolo was the only person that she’d ever sparred with and the prospect of a new challenge was exciting.


            The next several minutes were silent as Bulma hurriedly finished cooking everything and laid the massive spread out on the table.  Vegeta felt his mouth water as his eyes took in the delicious looking feast before him.    He quickly plopped into a chair and grabbed a plateful before practically inhaling it.  Bulma, he noticed, was eating far more than normal and it seemed strange to watch her eat more than the meager salad she allowed herself for lunch.


                It was only a few minutes before every crumb was devoured by the two teenagers, and Bulma tipped her chair back and patted her satisfied stomach.  Her head tilted to the side and her piercing gaze leveled on Vegeta from across the table as her mind bombarded her with questions that she’d asked herself her whole life.  After ten years there were so many she wasn’t quite sure where to begin.


            He watched as she had trouble giving voice to her thoughts.  Sorayu’s quick, sharp mind had always intrigued him, even as a child and he couldn’t help but wonder what was going through it now.  Vegeta intentionally baited her into arguments just to see what heated barbs she would spit back.  Beyond that, however, he just enjoyed talking to her.   She was one of the few people that he felt he didn’t have to speak down to or make meaningless small talk with.  Although Kakarott was a good friend, he was just so dense that sometimes it was hard to talk to him.  But Sorayu understood.


            The question, when it came several minutes later, was spoken so softly that only saiyan ears could pick it up, “Why did I leave?”  It was accompanied by her ever-piercing aqua eyes, and Vegeta knew he couldn’t leave the less pleasant details out.  She needed to know the whole story even though he knew she would be ashamed of her race after learning of the atrocities they had committed as Frieza’s lackeys.


            After a hard sigh, he began softly relegating the tale.  “My grandfather, King Vegeta XV, entered into a treaty with a more powerful being, Frieza.  The tyrant could’ve easily destroyed the planet so we went along with the treaty and became his executioners, purging planets that were in turn sold to the highest bidder.”  Vegeta noticed her sharp intake of breath but continued on with the story.  “When we were eight, my father sent you on a purging mission.  I know at the time it seemed weird, sending a saiyan on their first purge at only eight.  Most second and third class were sent at eighteen and elites were sent at thirteen.  I remember questioning my father about it and he said that you were being sent to prove your worth as a possible candidate for my future mate.  And so you left, but after the two months assigned to the purging had passed, I started to get worried when you didn’t return.  Your mother searched with the most sophisticated equipment we had for you, but there was no trace of the pod, absolutely nothing to tell us what happened to you.”


            “So that’s how I ended up on Earth.  I must’ve crashed here.”


            Vegeta nodded once.  “About a year ago, my father sent me on a diplomatic mission to one of our ally planets.  I took my guard Kakarott and his harpy mate and we left on the one month mission.”  His features darkened and his fists involuntarily clenched as he came to the worst part of the story.  “We had only been there for a few days when we learned that Frieza had destroyed Vegetasei.  We left immediately to track down the pale lizard freak and when we did, I fought him while Kakarott and his mate fought of Frieza’s two cronies, Zarbon and Dodoria.”


            Bulma watched Vegeta in awe as he told his story.  It sounded like something out of a fairy tale or out of some far fetched fantasy novel.  A handsome Prince fighting off some evil tyrant to avenge his people, it sounded too strange to be real life.  But life is sometimes stranger than fiction and she knew by the look in his endless obsidian eyes that it was true.  She gently took one of his hands in her own and squeezed encouraging him to continue.


            “I was losing, rather badly,” he said, “and I was quite literally staring death right in the face.  Frieza had his tail wrapped around my neck and I was slowly suffocating.  He started taunting me, reminding me of how I wasn’t there to save my planet.  And then he told me about you; about how he forced my father to send you on that mission and how he had the pod rigged to blowup during the trip.  Rage built up inside of me until it exploded in a burst of gold fire.”  Vegeta allowed himself a smirk recalling the moment in which he fulfilled his destiny.  “When the dust had settled, all Frieza had to do was take one look at the blonde hair and teal eyes to know he was up against The Legendary.”


            “The Legendary?”  Bulma echoed in confusion.  Whatever this legendary business was, it sounded really powerful.


            “A Super Saiyan,” he explained, the pride in his voice went unnoticed, by him at least, “a legendary warrior of immense power who first surfaced over three millennia ago.  I am the seventeenth Vegeta descended from that first Super Saiyan.”


            “Wow.”  She mumbled under her breath as her already overloaded mind struggled to process the information.  She was one of the last members of a race that murdered millions of innocents for an evil intergalactic despot who tried to kill her, and the Prince, her childhood friend, transformed into some powerful legendary warrior to defeat him.  This sounded better than a lot of novels she had read.


            Bulma eyes snapped up to his as a thought suddenly occurred to her.  Why would this Frieza attempt to murder an eight-year-old discolored saiyan?  In a slightly shaky voice, she gave voice to her thoughts and asked, “Why did he try to kill me?”


            “Because of who you are,” seeing her confused glance, he added, “the daughter of the smartest Saiyan on the planet.  Her genius was only rivaled by your own.  There was a lot of talk about the possibility of the two of Mating, and he was frightened.”




            Vegeta had to fight to repress the urge to roll his eyes at her.  For one of the smartest beings on two planets, it was amazing at how she could be completely clueless when it came to common sense type of things.  “Yes, mates.  You would’ve been my..um…” he trailed off searching his mind for the corresponding Earth term.


            “Wife?”  Bulma supplied and a hint of red spread across her cheeks.  The thought certainly wasn’t a bad one though.  In fact, she thought, it might be time to see how he feels about me.


            He nodded and said, “We call them mates.”


            If there was ever a time that Bulma cursed the inventor of the telephone, it was then when it rang disrupting their conversation.  She jumped out of her seat and ran to answer it with a falsely cheerful, “Hello?”


            “Bulma!”  Came the exasperated female voice on the other end.


            “Hey, Chi.”


            “What happened to you last night?!”  Chi Chi cried almost in hysterics.  “Do you have any idea how worried we were when we went to leave and couldn’t find you or Vegeta anywhere?”


            Vegeta laughed from his seat at the table as he heard the harpy’s screeching.  It wasn’t as if there was anything on this planet that could take a Super Saiyan down.  That woman would end up getting an ulcer if she kept freaking out like that.  Not that he cared much.  He could barely stand her, at best.  She was loud, demanding, bossy, and just grated on his nerves in general.  His woman may be all those things, but at least she was much nicer to look at than Kakarott’s wench.


            “Geez Chi.” Bulma muttered in the wake of her friend’s outburst.  “As you can see I’m fine and so is Vegeta.  He’s here right now actually.”


            “Really?” Chi Chi asked with a mischievous note in her voice.  “Something going on over there?”


            Bulma glanced over her shoulder to see if he was still listening in on the conversation, and of course, he was.  Blushing slightly again, she moved into the living room and as far away from him as the phone cord would allow.  “Chi,” she hissed quietly into the receiver, “nothing’s going on, ok?”


            “So where did the two of you go last night?”


            The blue-haired saiyan sighed and replied cryptically, “It was an interesting night.”


            “What’s that supposed to mean?”


            “Look Chi, can you call everyone and have them meet at my house?  I have a few things I need to tell you guys.”


            “Um…ok.”  Chi Chi mumbled confused.  “I’ll get everyone there.”


            “Thank you.  I’ll see you when you get here.”




            Bulma sighed and walked back into the kitchen, not surprised to see Vegeta still sitting at the table with his arms crossed across the chest and a wicked smirk on his face.  “I take it you still heard all that?”  She asked as she began gathering all the dirty dishes from their meal to be washed.


            “Of course.”  He replied as he stood picking up several dirty plates before putting them in the sink.  “Although I don’t see why you asked them to come here.  Kakarott’s harpy is going to have a heart attack when she sees your tail.”


            Bulma laughed lightly while piling dish after dish into the industrial sized dishwasher.  “Yeah, this is certainly going to be interesting.”


            “Kakarott will know who you are once he sees it.”


            She turned to face him as a fine blue eyebrow rose in inquiry.  “Did I know him before?  I don’t remember.”




            “Then how will he know who I am?”


            “Because I told him the whole story.”  Vegeta explained leaning against the white Formica counter.  “The first day of school after I first met you, I told him everything.  He’s been helping me watch you for months.”


            “Watch me?”  She asked incredulously.  What the hell did that mean?


            He couldn’t fight the urge to roll his eyes that time, so he gave in it with a snort.  “Yes, that’s what I said isn’t it?  We were watching to see if you displayed any Saiyan-like qualities.”  The Saiyan Prince watched as she finished loading the machine and turned it on.  “Although you kept me guessing, little one.  No Saiyan could possibly survive off the little you eat.”


            After a quick glance at the clock on the wall, the aqua-haired genius realized that it had been around thirty minutes since Chi Chi’s phone call and they would most likely be on their way soon.  A quick shower and a change of clothes were in order.  “I’m going to get ready.  Are you going to stick around for this?”


            Vegeta chuckled lightly.  And miss the harpy’s reaction to the blue-haired Saiyan?  No way!  “Yes, I wouldn’t want to miss this.  It’s going to be very entertaining.”


            Bulma smiled in thanks and bounded up the stairs and into her room where she hopped into the shower cleaning her body quickly.  After ten minutes, she finished and exited the steam-filled bathroom wrapped in a fluffy white towel.  Smiling, she practically skipped over to the large, walk-in closet and began rooting through it for her favorite sweater.  Once it was found, she eyed it with a slight frown.  There was no reason to hide her tail anymore since the rest of her friends were soon to learn who she was.  The pale blue garment flew across the room landing on her TV, but she didn’t notice.  She was too busy searching her closet for one of the few outfits she had that didn’t hide her furry blue appendage.  When her eyes spotted the clothes she wanted, Bulma smiled brightly as she pulled them on.  The shirt was a deep purple spaghetti strapped tank top with a pair of black hip-hugging jeans.    Wrapping her tail around her waist, she pulled on a pair of white tennis shoes and quickly ran a brush through her silky azure locks as the doorbell rang.


            She levitated down the stairs and to the front door.  The calm demeanor that showed through on the outside didn’t betray any of the extreme nervousness she felt on the inside.  There’s no reason to be nervous, she chided herself pulling open the front door.  The four people on the front step all greeted Bulma with smiles and Chi Chi pounced on her, squeezing the life out of her friend with a tight hug.


            The raven-haired woman’s smile faded from her face as her eyes traveled to the furry blue thing around Bulma waist.  “What the hell is that?”  She asked wide eyed.


            “My tail.”  Bulma answered sheepishly and almost burst into laughter as she watched Chi Chi’s jaw practically drop to the floor in shock.  Behind her, she could make out Vegeta’s deep rumble of laughter at the reaction.  Her control deserted her and she couldn’t help but dissolve into a fit of giggles.


            Kakarott stepped forward and the grin on his face stretched from ear to ear.  He knew who she was and somehow, despite all the evidence that had said she wasn’t Sorayu he had known all along that Bulma was really the missing blue-haired saiyan, Vegeta’s soul mate.  He glanced at his prince and wasn’t surprised by the happiness emanating in the shorter man’s eyes.  Kami only knew how much Vegeta deserved it.  The tall saiyan pulled Bulma into a hug and whispered, “Welcome back Sorayu.”


            With tears glistening in her eyes, she smiled at him even as Chi Chi fired off a million questions at her side.  Holding her hand up in the air, she laughed.  “Let’s get inside and then I’ll explain everything.”


            Once the six were seated comfortably in the living room, Kakarott, Chi Chi, Krillin, and 18 on the overstuffed sofa, Bulma on the matching love seat, and Vegeta in the black leather recliner, it took Chi Chi all of two seconds before she started rapidly firing off questions.


            “Whoa!”  Bulma cried.  “Chi, you need to slow down, hun.”


            Chi Chi glared at her friend, but repeated herself slowly this time, “Are you really a saiyan?”


            “Yes, I am really a saiyan.”  Bulma replied as her tail uncurled from around her waist and she waved it around in the air as proof.  “My name is Sorayu, Elite class.”


            Krillin stood up suddenly and paced around the floor several times before he stopped turning to shoot a confused glance to Bulma.  “How?  How could I have missed another saiyan for years?”


            “Don’t feel bad, Krillin!”  Kakarott chimed in cheerfully.  “She kept me and Vegeta guessing for months.”


            “You knew?!”  Chi Chi exclaimed glaring at her mate.  He usually told her everything!  Why didn’t he tell her that one of her friends could possibly be another one of their race?


            “I suspected.”  Vegeta growled in irritation from his corner of the room.  “I asked Kakarott to help me find out if she was or not.”


            18 stood abruptly, unable to keep silent any longer, and glared at the raven-haired saiyan.  “Look, why don’t you just let Bulma talk and she’ll probably answer your questions!”


            Chi Chi crossed her arms and huffed but otherwise remained silent.  Bulma smiled at 18 in gratitude and sighed as she noticed five pairs of eyes watching her intently.  “Ok,” she began hesitantly, “I’ll start from the beginning.  Until a few hours ago, I didn’t remember my name.  In fact, I didn’t remember anything before waking up in the medical section of C.C. when I was a child.  The Briefs took me in, named me Bulma, and raised me as their daughter.  My parents knew I wasn’t normal.”  She giggled lightly.  “I mean the whole blue tail thing kind of gives it away.  I learned to hide my tail from people and quickly blended in as a normal human.”


            “So what made you remember?”  18 questioned coolly.


            “I’ve been having weird dreams since right before school started.”  Bulma explained as the memories of that first dream two days before school started came rushing back to her.  Could that dark, mysterious stranger have been Vegeta?


            “What kind of dreams?”  Chi Chi prompted from the sofa.


            “Well, I remembered my mother in one.  In another, I remembered being picked on for my coloring and meeting Vegeta and my name.”


            “You knew each other?”  The raven-haired saiyan asked.


            Vegeta rolled his eyes.  Was the harpy a complete moron?  “Yes, that’s what she said!”  He snapped irritably.


            Chi Chi bit her lip to keep from saying something that would get her in trouble.  As much as she hated Vegeta sometimes, he was still their Prince.  She took a deep breath and counted to ten and once calm, she smiled at Bulma and asked excitedly, “Do you train?”


            The woman smirked, eerily resembling her childhood friend.  “Of course, I train.”  She answered confidently.  “In fact, I bet you guys would love one of my greatest inventions.”


            Vegeta snorted.  “What could you possibly build that’s that great?”


            “Excuse me!”  Bulma yelled jumping from up from the loveseat.  Her blue eyes narrowed at his smirking visage.  “I’ll have you know, Vegetable Boy, that I have invented a lot of useful things for my dad.”


            Kami, he thought, does she know how beautiful she is?  She was positively radiant when she was angry, another one of the many reasons he did what he was doing now, intentionally goading her into an argument.  Her blue eyes darkened to sapphire in a rage and he wondered idly if she even knew that the change occurred.  “Somehow, woman,” he drawled in the most royal, arrogant tone that he could muster, “I don’t think there’s anything you could build that I would like that much.”


            Oh, you think so, huh, she thought.  She smiled sweetly at him, noticing the disappointment in his eyes at her mood change, and cooed, “We’ll see, Geta.”


            The Saiyan Prince growled at the horrid nickname.  It seemed as soon as she remembered her name she also remembered that disgusting name.  Standing, he glared at anyone who dared to look at him satisfied when no one said anything.


            “Come on you guys!”  Bulma cried in her excitement as she led the group outside and across the lawn.  They stopped in front of a metal dome shaped structure, and Bulma smiled triumphantly.  “Tada!”


            “Um…what is it, Sorayu?”  Kakarott asked sheepishly.


            “It’s my gravity room.”


            “Gravity room?  What does it do?”  Krillin questioned rubbing his head in his confusion.


            “It’s a room that can simulate the effects of up to 200 times Earth’s normal gravity.”  She explained simply reveling in the gasps of surprise she got from all except Vegeta.


            The Prince has to fight to keep from outwardly marveling the woman’s genius like the rest of his friends had done.  He was amazed at her ingenuity.  How could he not take this marvelous creature as his mate?  She was perfect for him in everyway and the only one worthy of being his princess.  Determination swept through him; he had lost her once, he wasn’t going to ever let it happen again.


            “Wow, can we check it out?”  Kakarott asked excitedly hopping from one foot to the other.


            Bulma laughed, “I swear!  Honestly, Kakarott, you’re like a kid.”


            “Please?”  He begged.


            She smiled.  That’s Kakarott for you, she thought in amusement.  “Sure, go ahead.  The controls are in the center of the room.  I’ll go change and I can spar with one of you.”  Bulma walked up the metal ramp and paused at the door entering her number at the keypad.  Once the door opened, she briefly explained the controls to them before heading upstairs to change.


            She reemerged in a pair of black spandex and a tight white tank top minutes later and quietly humming a tune she practically skipped out to the GR.  It was all a dream come true.  She had friends who accepted her completely, and for once in her life, she couldn’t be happier.  Punching in her code, she listened as the machine switched off, forgetting about the occupants inside.  She stepped in just in time to see five bodies all fall roughly from the sky and smiled sheepishly.  “Sorry,” she muttered, “I forgot to tell you if the door is opened while the machine is on, it automatically activates the emergency stop.”


            “Now you tell us.”  Krillin muttered rubbing the newly appeared lump on his head.  It was just his luck to be mid jump when the gravity shut off.


            “So who wants to spar with me?”  Bulma questioned rubbing her hands together furiously in her excitement.


            “I do.”  Came the gruff voice to her side.  Turning, she was met with none other than the smirking Saiyan Prince.  “After all,” he drawled, “I need to see if you’ve improved any since the last time we sparred.”


            Her eyes narrowed in irritation.  He knew damn well that the last time they sparred they were still both children.  “Bring it on, Veggie.”  She spat sinking into a defensive stance.  “You’ll find that ten years of training has made me better.”


            “We’ll see.”  Was the cryptic reply as he too crouched ready for battle.


            Bulma eyed her opponent warily.  He was a lot stronger than her but speed had always been one of her strengths.  She didn’t expect to win.  She was, after all, sparring with the Legendary, but she would definitely give him a run for his money.


            Vegeta was the first one to attack, flying at a speed that surprised her, and his first hit connected with her side.  She flew backwards and groaned as her back connected with the side of the chamber.  He watched as she stood quickly and glared at him before phasing out of view.  Reaching out with his senses, he tried locating her ki and caught it after only a few seconds, but it was too late as a roundhouse kick sent him careening into the aforementioned chamber wall.


            “What do you think, Veggie?”  She teased levitating a foot above the ground.  “Have I gotten any better?”


            Growling, Vegeta launched himself in her direction, attacking with a furious onslaught of punches and kicks.  She was able to block or dodge most of them, but more than a few hit and although he wasn’t using his full strength, Bulma knew that it would leave a few bruises.  A well placed elbow to the back sent her sprawling to the ground, and on hands and knees, she growled in frustration.


            “Oh come on now, Woman.  Don’t tell me this is all you’ve got.”


            The aqua-haired saiyan smirked rising to her feet.  “You haven’t seen anything yet, my prince.”  With a silent cry, a dark blue aura exploded around her as she powered up.  Flying at him, she put her opponent on the defensive using her speed to rain blows down on him.  When a powerful right hook connected with his face, she smirked with satisfaction.


            They sparred for hours and by the time dusk settled, the six friends were completely exhausted from the physical exertion.  Chi Chi, Kakarott, Krillin and 18 all decided to head home for the night and Bulma walked them to the front door.


            “We’ve got to get together tomorrow or something.”  Chi Chi stated.


            “Yeah, that sounds good.”


            “So, call you tomorrow?”  The raven-haired beauty questioned.




            “Hey Vegeta!”  Kakarott called halfway hanging out of the car door.  “Are you coming with us?”


            Vegeta scowled from his spot where he was leaning on the wall next to the front door.  “No, I’ll be back later.”  He replied.  He wanted to spend some time alone with the woman, perhaps even figure out how she felt about him.


            Lucky for Kakarott, Vegeta missed the amused look the taller saiyan shot his Prince as he hollered, “Ok!  See you later!”  The four teens pilled into the car and tires squealing took off down the road.


            Bulma sighed as the car disappeared from sight.  As much as she loved her friends, it had been a hectic couple of days and she needed some time to relax.  Closing the front door behind her, she turned and stifled a scream when she noticed how close Vegeta had gotten to her.  Their noses were almost touching, and only a few inches of air separated their lips.


            “Sorayu.”  He purred seductively reaching up to tenderly stroke her cheek.  Her eyes slid shut at the contact and she leaned forward a bit nuzzling his hand.  He couldn’t take it anymore and, for the second time, their lips met in a gentle kiss.  It didn’t take long for it to grow in intensity, and in mere moments, their tongues were intertwined, caressing each other.


            He pulled her soft body against his and wrapped one arm around her trim waist while the other hand tangled in her silky azure mane.  This kiss lasted for several minutes before they broke it, panting for air.


            Bulma’s eyes locked onto his dark ones and she found herself unable to look away, not that she wanted to.  She gently cupped his cheek, and was unable to suppress a large yawn.  “Vegeta,” she murmured sleepily, “will you stay with me tonight?”


            “Of course.”  He answered scooping her up in his arms.  He levitated them to her room and gently laid her down on the bed, crawling in beside her.  Encircling her petite frame in his arms, he placed a chaste kiss on her forehead and said, “Good night, woman.”


            “Good night.”  Came the reply heavily bogged down by sleepiness.  “Thank you, Vegeta.”


            His arms tightened around her and as he came closer to the sweet oblivion known as sleep, he smiled for once in his life feeling complete.  He had his Sorayu back and nothing could ever take her away again.  With that thought, he finally drifted off to sleep.



AN: I’ve gotten a lot of comments on my short chapters so I made this one especially long for you guys.  Anyway to recap this chapter: Everyone knows everything, or do they?  And it looks as if our favorite couple is finally getting together.  So what happens now?  Next chapter: Chi Chi and Bulma have an interesting discussion about Saiyans and Bulma has a surprise in store for our prince.


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Chapter 10