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All righty.... well.... you somehow wander onto this page, huh. Pity on you! lol! No actually this'll give you something to do! lol! Ok... here's some info on me :)


Important Dates
March 22nd, 1988
First started Fan Fiction:
Febuary 16th, 2002
Site Opened:
Febuary 2nd, 2003

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It's A B/V Thing - Complete
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It's Not Easy - Complete
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Favorite Anime
Dragonball/Z [not too sure about GT -_-;;]
Oh! My Goddess

Favorite Type of Music
Heavy Metal
Punk Rock
Classical [Clarinet, strings]

The name's Liz, as stated above. I have been designing sites since July 2002, and currently have a couple good sites out. My very first one was VegetableZ, then came the Clique: Vegetables... then came Galaxy Reviews, and now this! I am just a busy bee ^^;;
My favorite color is blue, light blue, sky-blue-pink... I love all of 'em! lol, I love contemporary style on site designing or just home decoration. The straight lines, solid colors... I dunno, just not into that fancy, shamncy stuff...
I run, jump and throw for indoor and outdoor track, and play tennis.
I am 5 feet 3 inches (don't make fun, just cuz I'm short ;_;). I weigh around 100 lbs, (haha, laugh at THAT!!!! lol!). Erm... I have light brown hair, and gray hazel eyes...
I hope to be a comedian, cartoonist, actor or an electrical engineer when it comes time to choose my career (SO much to pick from -_-;;;).
My favorite anime is Dragonball/Z, though I definatly do NOT like the GT series... I couldn't stand the first episode... kami... I also enjoy Ceres, Fushugi Yuugi Kodacha, Ranma ½ and Inu-Yasha...
My all time favorite couple is Bulma and Vegeta... I only write and read fanfiction relating to them and their relationship (Yes, yes... I'm obsessed).
That's it, I think.... thanks for reading!!!!!!

Stupid story about my obsession with Bulma and Vegeta
Note I used to have it posted on FFN, kinda stupid, but funny... I was proud of it! *puffs out chest*... NO FLAMES!!! lol! Actually now that I look at it... wow, I can't believe I wrote something so... stupid ^^;;; Anyway... here it is (whether it makes sense or not...)

In the land of cheerio's and headless chickens, a great war rages on. This war is between pink fluffy blood-sucking rabbits and blue-ish orange ninja turtles. The war raged on for decades. I, ruler of the land, have tried to get each side to sign peace treaties, but compromises just won't do.

Over the years the weapons of the rabbits and the turtles have advanced. The rabbits, now using dental floss and cough serum, used to chuck rocks. The turtles, now using toothpicks and pixie stix, used to shoot water out of their eyes, for they didn't have mouths. How? You may ask? WELL! They had very large eye sockets that connected to their stomachs, which is where they would consume food and water, and they would simply regurgitate water.

One day, while during a conference between General Aminal Crackers, for the rabbits, and General Jelly Cheeks, for the turtles, I proposed a compromise that would benefit both sides. Arguing back and forth a sudden explosion came from outside my lollypop castle. Both Generals and myself ran to the scene.

A ship crash-landed and out from it came two humanoid figures. One was a beautiful woman with exotically blue hair and blue eyes. She had ivory skin and the body of a goddess. The other figure was a short man with a high widow peak of midnight black hair. He was extremely muscular and had olive skin. He had ebony eyes that seemed as if they could burn holes through steel. He was a god-like creature.

"W-where are we?" the female humanoid asked.

"We appear to be on some planet that is much like those fictional stories you tell the 'brat!'" the male humanoid replied. Now as ruler of this world I rushed down to the humanoids and introduced myself.

"Hello! I am Queen VBHA!" I introduced, "How, may I ask, have you come by my planet and what business do you have here?"

"I am Vegeta Prince of all Sayians and this is my mate…Bulma!" he said pointing to the female behind him.

"I am afraid we have not come here purposely! Our ship was pulled down by your planet's gravity." The one named Bulma explained.

"Aahh! Then you will be welcomed here as my guests until you are ready to leave and continue with your journey!" I said. Both nodded thankfully.

"Follow me!" I said leading them into the castle. I called for some servants of mine and directed Vegeta and Bulma to follow them to their quarters. They would be joining me for dinner that night and would be supplied with clothes to change out of, for I was trained to be a hostess as well as a ruler.

"Now Generals! Please follow me to finish discussing the compromise." I instructed. For I knew this was not going to be an easy task and could take many hours.

The generals and I *tried* to complete the compromise, but all they could discuss was the humanoids. Dinner would be shortly so I decided to take a break from the useless chatter.

Dinner was pleasant. The generals could not keep their eyes off of the humanoids, especially the female, Bulma, though she did not seem to notice. Her *mate*, Vegeta, kept throwing threatening glances at the generals. I had enough, "Vegeta! Please excuse these two *Gentlemen*, who cannot keep their eyes to themselves." Immediately the two Generals looked down at their plates, where their visions kept until the end of dinner. Vegeta smirked and nodded, thanks, to me. Bulma looked totally confused, until Vegeta whispered something in her ear and she dismissed the matter. Dinner ended and my guests were shown to their rooms.

Once in the conference room I scolded the generals. They declined my offer of a treaty, once again, and I got angry.


"We want the humanoid, Bulma!" they said at the same time. They looked at each other and snarled.

"Neither of you can have Bulma because she already belongs to Vegeta! Besides she is not a material item, a possession!" I yelled.

"Well then how does she belong to Vegeta?" G. Aminal Crackers asked.

"She belongs to Vegeta as Vegeta belongs to her! It is love that they possess each other not some lusty attraction! You two should be ashamed of yourselves!" I angrily replied. I told them to think about the treaty and come back to the palace tomorrow at noon.

Midnight. I walk in my garden. The moon is full and it gives a mystifying affect to the flowers and plants. In the center there is a small lake. Mist flows over it in an almost hypnotizing way. I walk into the clearing, near the lake. I see a blue blur through the fog. Pondering what it could be I walk up to the…thing. To my utter surprise I find a weeping Bulma, kneeling next to the lake.

"Bulma? What's wrong?" I ask. She looks up and then down at her hands. I kneel next to her. She continues to sob. I embrace her in a sisterly fashion and she sobs hard into my shoulder.

"Shhh…" I soothe, "Tell me what's wrong!"

"It's…hic…Ve…hic…Vegeta!" she says.

"What about, Vegeta?" I ask calmly.

"We had a fight! I mean we always fight and it's okay but he said something that literally broke my heart!"

"What did he say?"

"Well we were fighting about the ship and whose fault it is that it landed here, not that I don't mind, I really like it here, but we are off schedule!"

"Go on…"

"Well, then the fight turned to dinner and the generals. Vegeta is a very protective person and did not like the way they were looking at me…"


"We fought about it and then he got mad and said he could never love me and I was wasting my emotions on him!" Bulma said, wailing.

"Shhh… I'm sure he didn't mean it! I mean you told me you two had a son together! Right?"


"Well then if he didn't love you then why is he so protective! Why did he stick with you this far?"

"You're right!" she said, getting up and walking away. "Good luck!" I yelled.

The next morning Bulma and Vegeta were ready to leave. I glanced at Bulma and she gave me the thumbs up sign. I winked. Even Vegeta looked a little happier. They departed and then it was time for the treaties.

Hour by hour. Minute by minute. Second by Second…and well you get the picture. No agreement. Finally I made a decision. I sent both Generals to be executed and appointed new ones and the rest is history!

~*~ END ~*~

Note As you can tell, this is one of my EARLY writings...lol!

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